President Biden Tweets for Tuesday’s Open Thread

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It’s Tuesday.

Before we see what President Biden is up to this Tuesday and how he finished Monday’s Tweets. I’d like to take a moment and say I’m sorry we dropped the ball on the Night Owl, it’s still a work in progress. If or should I say when that happens again in the future, please feel free to just continue posting on the Note’s Open Thread from that day. We will try hard to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Moving on.

For Tuesday, President Biden will be hosting George Floyd’s family at the Oval Office, the meeting will be a private one to mark the year anniversary of Floyd’s death at the hands of former Minneapolis police officer-now-convicted murderer Derek Chauvin.

The schedule also says President Biden will be leaving D.C., to travel to Wilmington, Delaware. I can’t find a reason for this trip, the schedule doesn’t say.

When Monday’s Open Thread was published President Biden had 3 tweets and 0 retweets. He finished Monday by adding 4 more tweets, giving him a total of 7 tweets and 0 retweets, for Monday.

He resumed tweeting by saying “text,” your zip code to this number to find a vaccine location near you.

In keeping with the get vaccinated theme, he next tweets a 51 second video from a YouTube event he hosted with YouTube influencers in hopes of getting more people to get the vaccine.

The video features Manny MUA.

MUA says: There’s a lot of rumors that are going around that young and healthy people don’t need to get the vaccine. You should save it for people who are a little bit older. What do you guys think about that? Both of your guys’ thoughts.

Dr. Fauci says: Young children, even though when they get infected it’s unlikely that they would have a serious disease compared to an elderly person or a person who has an underlying condition, they are not exactly exempt from getting serious illness. So, you want to protect the youngsters–by they adolescents, be they young children. You want to protect them, there’s no doubt about it. But then there’s also the responsibility that you have of not being part of spreading the infection throughout the community. So you almost want to take what I call a societal responsibility–protecting children also protects society.

The clip doesn’t share President Biden’s response.

The full event is 9 minutes and 13 seconds long.

He moves on to share a photo of himself in the Oval Office signing the Alaska Tourism Restoration Act into law.

USA TODAY says that the law will allow cruise ships to sail to Alaska without requiring a stop in Canada, “which currently has a ban on cruising, prohibiting such a stop, posing a challenge to Alaska’s tourism industry and the cruise industry.”

The bill passed the Senate unanimously earlier this month, and passed the House on Thursday.

The Senate unanimously passed the bill earlier this month and was approved by the House of Representatives Thursday.
As a result of the legislation’s approval within Congress, cruise lines have begun announcing sailings that visit Alaska.

USA TODAY. 05/24/2021.

Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Ak) tweeted:

His last tweet for Monday, was a pat on the back, to himself.


He has not tweeted for Tuesday, so far.

In other White House News, this morning the White House announced that President Biden will meet with President Putin on June 16th, 2021.

President Biden will meet with President Putin in Geneva, Switzerland on June 16, 2021. The leaders will discuss the full range of pressing issues, as we seek to restore predictability and stability to the U.S.-Russia relationship.

White 05/25/2021.

The White House daily press briefing is scheduled to start at 12:30 p.m. D.C., time.

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