Random Thoughts for Saturday’s Open Thread

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It’s Saturday.

This Saturday I present to you, random thoughts, or more accurately how one tweet sent me down a rabbit hole, that is both connected, but in fairness, random as hell.

I logged in this morning, sipping my first cup of coffee and saw a Politico article shared in the Night Owl by John-nevertrump15nevergop.

I read the first paragraph…

Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance could be considering a criminal charge that former President Donald Trump’s business empire was a corrupt enterprise under a New York law resembling the federal racketeering statute known as RICO, former prosecutors and defense attorneys said.

Politico. 05/27/2021.

That led me to wonder, “oh, wonder if the former still Impeached Asshole, said anything about this.” That thought led me to click on the former still Impeached Asshole’s blog. I saw a hot take about a Georgia Judge allowing some 150,000 ballots to be audit again, saw his bashing former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, and then I saw this…

“Fred Ryan” is highlighted, cause that’s me getting ready to use the right click mouse button to “search Google,” as I had no clue who Fred Ryan was.

I found this Reagan Foundation.org, about page, regarding one Fredrick J. Ryan, Jr.

The opening section of the bio: Frederick J. Ryan, Jr. is Publisher and CEO of The Washington Post.  During his time at The Washington Post, it has been recognized for excellence in journalism with multiple Pulitzer Prizes, and twice named by Fast Company Magazine as the “World’s Most Innovative Media Company.” Until August 2014, he served as President and CEO of POLITICO, which he co-founded in 2007.  


But wait what’s this?

Reagan Foundation.org. Image captured on 05/29/2021.

Yeah, I’m sure President Reagan is totally hating from his grave that his former Chief of Staff is now Chairman of his foundation. Yep.

This led me to my second cup of coffee and a quick glance at my Twitter notifications, which leads us to my next “random” clicking thoughts.

First this one:

The article shared by Griffin, was a Washington Post article published on May 26th, 2021.

This time, bless them, they linked within the second paragraph their source…

Rep. Robin Vos, Wisconsin’s state assembly speaker, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that the investigators would spend three months probing tips about election problems or voter fraud and pursuing the most credible ones.

Washington Post. 05/26/2021.

I followed their link and found I only have 2 free articles, which means, I’ve read something else there, or they only give us 3 free articles.

Anyhoo, the opening of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (jsonline.com) article:

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos is hiring retired police officers to investigate aspects of the November election, joining with Republicans from around the country who have questioned President Joe Biden’s victory.

Vos, of Rochester, said he recognizes Biden narrowly won Wisconsin and is not trying to change the results with his taxpayer-funded investigation.

jsonline.com. 05/26/2021.

So, if he recognizes that President Biden is legit, and won his state what’s the point in having this investigation?

Vos said the investigators likely will provide him a report by the fall with their findings. He said he wants to identify laws that should be changed rather than try to find people who the investigators believe have violated the law. He did not rule out the possibility the investigators would refer some matters to prosecutors.

jsonline.com. 05/26/2021.

Who are the investigators?; Vos said he is hiring three former law enforcement officers along with an attorney who will oversee them. As contractors with the Legislature, they will have subpoena power. Anyone they subpoena will be immune from criminal prosecution, he said. 

I won’t lie, as I was reading this article, my thoughts, centered on the fact that, these douchebags, will continue to spend state tax payer dollars and cents chasing 2020 election fraud claims that have faced several court challenges, only to be batted down like fly’s hovering over sweet tea, but yet, U.S. Senate Republicans want to move on and pretend January 6th, 2021, never happened, and the only people still concerned with the 2020 Presidential are the loser and hater Democrats “Leftist” liberals.

That thought led me to remember this head of the douchebags comments at an American First rally…


Now, we move to my third cup of coffee and my second glance at my Twitter notifications feed…

Oh a bad legal take, of course, I clicked on JasonFyK’s quoted tweet, nothing brings a smile to face faster than a bad legal take…

He was responding to a large Twitter thread, that gets into weeds about how “yelling fire in a crowded theater,” in modern times, could be seen as protected speech, where as a bomb threat, wouldn’t be.

For that thread we turn to non-lawyer Kathryn Tweson.

She has a lot of tweets digging into weeds, but we aren’t here for that (but I do recommend if you have time, to read the whole thread).

We are here for the bad legal take…

I know at this point you are wondering what the hell happened to Jason FyK…or you’ve stopped reading, either way, he’s coming back around…

And there it is. Interesting note, in his bio he says: Social Media Freedom Advocate Fyk vs. Facebook Section 230 expert…

Now, we turn back, I believe I’m up to my fourth cup of coffee, hard to say at this point, to lawyer and all around great Twitter follow Mike Dunford…

*moron in this tweet is not directed at Dunford, but is directed at Wolflawyer…*

Okay–okay, just a couple of more…

Okay, I lied, this is where, Dunford, if it were baseball would make my legal dreams come true, by hitting a home run with the bases loaded…

Recall that Jason FyK says, he didn’t have Enigma on appeal?

Well, we discovered already that’s crap, but…

One more note from Dunford and Jason FyK…

I love Law Twitter…the rabbit holes are endless wonder…

This is an Open Thread.


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