Saturday’s Afternoon Open Thread

The Riddler aka Frank Gorshin. Photo by Shed On The Moon.

It’s Saturday.

Normally on Saturday I’m off the blogging duty, but times change and needs must. With that, y’all will have to bare with us as we adjust to our new normal.

I won’t lie, I’ve been Googling, YouTubing, and Twittering scrolling for a few hours now, and boy have I struck a big fat goose egg. Now, the problem is, that instead of just rolling with it, I was searching for a new “weekend” feature, something that is just not possible in a couple of hours the same day you intend to post.

So with that said, here’s some things I’ve found along the crazy world that is the interwebs plus my mind.

In News you already know News…

This article lead me here to the website where the press release on the deal between D’s and R’s originated. According to the press release the commission still has to be agreed upon by Congress as a whole.

This is what the Commission would look like:

  • The Commission will be charged with studying the facts and circumstances surrounding the facts and circumstances of the January 6th attack on the Capitol as well as the influencing factors that may have provoked the attack on our democracy.
  • Like the 9/11 Commission, the measure establishes a 10-person bipartisan commission with five commissioners, including the Chair, appointed by the Speaker of the House and Majority Leader of the Senate and five commissioners, including the Vice Chair, be appointed by the Minority Leaders of the House and Senate. 
  • Commissioners must have significant expertise in the areas of law enforcement, civil rights, civil liberties, privacy, intelligence, and cybersecurity. Current government officers or employees are prohibited from appointment.
  • Like the 9/11 Commission, the Commission will be granted authority to issue subpoenas to secure information to carry out its investigation but requires agreement between the Chair and the Vice Chair or a vote by a majority of Commission members.
  • The Commission will be required to issue a final report with findings regarding the facts and causes of the attack, along with recommendations to prevent future attacks on our democratic institutions, by December 31, 2021.

The bold detail had my eye twitching, cause, yeah, so, I read this article from the Washington Post, that told me, the 9/11 Commission took 20 months before they published their finding.

Now, I realize that the terror attack on our country was bad, horrifying, and deserved a lengthy review, however, if this Commission is approved next week by everyone in D.C., the Commission probably just for argument sake probably won’t begin until June, which gives them only 6 to 7 months to investigate the January 6th, insurrection. Less than a year to report on a group of people attempting to overthrow our Government? Seems legit.

So, time will tell.

House Minority Leader Kevin “the idiot” McAsshole, is reported to have said via CNN “I’m going to look through it,” he added that he had not signed off on the deal reached by House Homeland Security Ranking Member John Katko of New York. McAsshole went on to say “We had an officer killed on Good Friday. If this commission is going to come forth to tell us how to protect this facility in the future you want to make sure that the scope that you can look at all that, what came up before and what came up after. So that’s very concerning to me.”

Why might you ask is Kevin, my Rep., given the nickname McAsshole?

Or maybe it’s this?

Unless your name is Officer Michael Fanone. In fairness, cause I do attempt to be fair-ish, McAsshole has said he is open to meeting with Fanone. I assume after public pressure was directed right at him. Because for all my fairness, McAsshole, is in fact, a huge coward.

We move on to YouTube news you didn’t think you wanted to know News…

So, after I eye-twitched I thought I know, maybe, we should do some fun stuff on Saturday’s giving us a break from all the McAsshole’s in our political world, so I moved on to YouTube.

As you recently learned my husband discovered TikTok when Facebook politics got insane, or more insane, I guess. Well, one of the things, I left out of our TikTok Talk, was my discovery of Polygel, what is Polygel you ask? In my head, you totally did ask…

Anyhoo, Polygel, is for nails, it’s a bit like acrylic meets glue, you use a lamp, UV or LED, to cure the gel and it becomes hard just like magic…

No, I’m sure there is science involved, but well, I am not a science gal, but I digress even further away from my point.


I saw a few of this type of TikTok’s:


💖💖💖Follow me for more #naildesigns#nails#nailthoughts#nailart#nailtutorial#polygel

♬ Deep end slowed – horse peninsula 🙂

After dozens of those types of videos and a lesson in how to search TikTok from my daughter, I rushed over to YouTube to see if this Voodoo magic was real. It was.

After I discovered the realness of the Voodoo, that led me to Amazon, where I’ve order the Voodoo Magic…Stay tuned for my full review.

Now, YouTube is recommending all kinds of Polygel videos or just nail art ones. I also watch Disneyland Parks vloggers video’s, search for Friday feelings music, and follow the White House’s YouTube Channel so now my YouTube home page looks like this:

The one next to the ad, is the video I was currently watching as of last night. Adam and his friend traveled to Disney Paris, in 2020, in February prior to the virus hitting. Adam and his friend live in the UK.

For theme park fans, I highly recommend Theme Park Worldwide, over Adam and his friend if you are more a fan of rides, history of rides, and just general park information versus shopping at Disney parks, and where the food is. It’s because of Shawn that I now have a trip in my head planned to Europa Park, which is located in Germany.

In between my trying to find a new weekend feature in just a couple of hours, I took part in Lenny Poll’s poll, which is how come I thought of YouTube, Shawn, and Europa Park…

Reminder: If you take part in the poll question, remember politics is no allowed, it’s a politics no go zone. But feel free to take part in the comment section, for those that don’t Twitter.

And with that thought, I will now end your view into the mind of myself. You’re welcome.

This is an Open Thread.

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