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Jazzy sunset. Image captured by the News Blender.

To the best of my recollection, the Night Owl has never hosted a jazz collection (not counting the New Orleans Street Buskers Night Owl, because three tunes isn’t grand enough to qualify as a collection). I don’t really know alot about jazz – other than I like it and it’s great mood music – so I’m not going to say much about it. Jazz can be very exuberant and lively, or quiet and reflective, or anywhere in between. Most of the selections offered here tonight lean toward the quiet and reflective side. I’m in a mood tonight.

There are at least four dozen different genres of jazz; only a few are represented here. If you haven’t cared for jazz in the past, it could be you just haven’t heard the style that speaks to you. Also, for many music lovers, our tastes change as we grow older and what once was uncool to young ears becomes very cool to ears with a few more miles behind them. If you close your eyes, it’s easy to imagine you’re sitting in a café in Central America, Brazil, or France.

Gus Viseur Et Son Orchestre
“Flambee Montalbanaise”

Carlos Barbosa-Lima

Consuelo Velazquez
“Besame Mucho”

Duo Gadjo and Their Hot Friends
“Jardin D’hiver”

Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66
“Agua De Beber- Stereo LP”

Django Reinhart • The Quintet of the Hot Club of France
“Jattendrai Swing 1939”

Ana Caram
“Blue Bossa”

Stan Getz & João Gilberto
“Garota de Ipanema”

Paul Desmond
“The Theme from “Black Orpheus””

Julianna Raye

Duo Gadjo
“La Vie En Rose”

Astrud Gilberto • Walter Wanderly Trio
“A Certain Sadness Remastered HiFi”

John Coltrane • Duke Ellington
“In A Sentimental Mood”

Question Of The Night: How do you feel about jazz?

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