TNB Night Owl – Mammals Monday

Sea Otter. Image captured by the News Blender.

Welcome to the start of another week. It’s the beginning of the last full week of May, though we ought to keep it light and easy now as next weekend we observe Memorial Day. There’s nothing as easy as watching cute animal videos.

A mother bear and her cubs visiting a man’s front porch in the Ashville, NC, area… “OMG! SIMONE! CUBS!” (6:28):

An even cuter set of cubs, visiting the same guy’s porch…. “The Recon Team at work” (1:12):

This one is self-explanatory… “otter who can not sleep without holding a kitten” (3:52):

And for the wild side… “Sea Otter: The Octopus Hunter” (11:12 total, but queued up to start at 2:20):

“A snoozing fox meets a plucky little black-crested titmouse”

“Flying foxes: Did you know that gray foxes can climb trees?” (2:18):

“Sweetest relationship . An Inseparable Staffy puppy and a baby magpie playing” (3:12):

Now, I know magpies are birds, and birds are not mammals, but I’m throwing this one in here because it segues nicely from the last and it’s a fun and inspiring story to boot. “Woman Gives Toys to a Wild Magpie — and He Invites His Friends Over to Play | The Dodo Wild Hearts” (4:49):

Question Of The Night: What kind of animal would you be if you weren’t human?

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