Checking In On Olympics for An Open Thread

US Flag, backlit; photo by jnn13

This is an Open Thread.

For Sunday’s open thread I thought I could round out the weekend by following up with other sports.

For upcoming and live events you can visit, place you can visit, but not limited to are:

NBC’s Tokyo Olympic Games.

Team USA.

The Olympic Channel.

International Paraplegic Committee (IPC) for news on Paralympic Games.

Or on Twitter at @TeamUSA.

#Team @USABaseball finished a game last night playing against Venezuela making them undefeated and putting them Tokyo bound.

Brody Malone wins Men’s U.S. 2020 Championship.

Fraser-Pryce, the Jamaican who won the 2019 World title coming back from childbirth, clocked 10.63 seconds at a meet in Kingston.

This is an Open Thread

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