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It’s Wednesday.

For Wednesday, June 30th, 2021, [July 1st, 2021, is tomorrow 😱], President Biden has received his daily brief. Before noon today, the President and Vice President will deliver remarks and convene Cabinet Officials, Governors, and private sector partners to discuss the west coast drought, heat wave, and the wildfires. The goal, the schedule says is to; strengthen prevention, preparedness, and response efforts for this wildfire season.

President Biden has tweeted 2 times so far, and if you had they are about the BIF (Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework) on your bingo card, you win!

The tweets will be featured down the thread as he tweeted 9 more times after Tuesday’s Open Thread was published.

Tuesday’s Tweeting Total stands at 11 (3 featured in the linked open thread) plus 1 retweet.

Out of the 9 newly added tweets, 8 of them refer to BIF and remarks he gave from Wisconsin on Tuesday. His one OT tweet celebrated Pride Month.

The 3 minute and 1 second video features different speakers talking about their coming out stories. I won’t be transcribing the video. The gist of the video is to say that everyone needs to just be who they are and happy in their own skin. And if people don’t like that, well, that’s just too damn bad, you’re loved anyway.

On with the BIF…

White House Fact-Sheet on BIF:

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework represents a crucial step forward in combating the climate crisis. 

President Biden believes that we must invest in our country and in our people, creating good-paying union jobs, tackling the climate crisis, and growing the economy sustainably, and equitably for decades to come. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework is a critical step in accomplishing these objectives.

But democracy requires compromise. The historic Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework will make life better for millions of Americans, create a generation of good-paying union jobs and economic growth, and position the United States to win the 21st century, including on many of the key technologies needed to combat the climate crisis. That’s what President Biden and Vice President Harris were elected to do.

White 06/24/2021.

It’ll make the largest investment in clean energy transmission in American history, modernizing our power grid to accelerate the build out of zero-carbon, renewable energy.

  • Upgrade our power infrastructure, including by building thousands of miles of new, resilient transmission lines to facilitate the expansion of renewable energy, including through a new Grid Authority. The Plan is the single largest investment in clean energy transmission in American history.
  • Create a first of its kind Infrastructure Financing Authority that will leverage billions of dollars into clean transportation and clean energy.

At the end of the fact-sheet they provide a break down of how much each item costs.

Infrastructure Financing: $20 billion.
Power infrastructure incl. grid authority: 73 billion.

The video stream is 58 minutes and 50 seconds long. President Biden begins speaking at the 20 minute and 56 second mark. His full remarks can be found here.

His next tweets are pulled from his remarks, not all of them are direct quotes.

President Biden (54:46): But, today, the American people can be proud of Democrats and Republicans; families here in Wisconsin can be proud; Congress can be proud, because this country came together, forged a bipartisan deal — which a lot of has to do with your state — your senator — that delivers for everybody.  We’ve shown the world and, just as importantly, we’ve shown ourselves that American democracy can come through.  There’s nothing — nothing, nothing — beyond our capacity when we come together as one nation.

President Biden (25:39): You all know why that matters.  One in five miles of highway and roads in America are in poor condition.  One in five miles.  Some states it’s worse where the weather is tougher.  Five perc- — 50 years — 50 [40] percent of our bridges are over 50 years old.  More than 1,000 bridges here in Wisconsin are rated as structurally deficient by engineers.  One thousand just in Wisconsin. 

President Biden (43:12): This deal also makes the largest investment in public transit in American history.  A whole lot of people here in Wisconsin depend on public transportations, like the bus system here in La Crosse, to get to work, to school, and get around.  Because of this deal, it will be safer, quicker, cleaner, more frequent, and more avail- — more reliable. More transit options mean more people can access good job — access good jobs as well.  One study found that it leads to higher wages for workers because businesses can attract more customers with the rail.

The below tweet is from Wednesday.

President Biden (34:13): As of last spring, more than 82,000 children here in Wisconsin, which prides itself on its education, didn’t have reliable Internet access at home. Think about that year — in a year of remote schooling. When so many of our needs and our connections were forced to move online, tens of thousands of Wisconsin kids got left behind.

President Biden (27:36): This deal is going to put Americans back to fixing all of that, and good-paying jobs.  This deal will also put Americans to work replacing 100 percent of our nation’s lead water pipes.  You know, there’s 400,000 — well, I won’t get into the numbers; I get a little carried away — but it’s really dangerous.  *Every single American child, at home or in school, will soon be able to turn on that faucet, and their moms and dads know that the water they’re drinking is clean and safe. I’ll give you an example of why that matters.  Just look at the city of Milwaukee.  Milwaukee has more than 160,000 water service lines.  More than 70,000 of them, nearly half, have lead service lines. And, by the way, I’m not — it’s not picking on Wisconsin, Gov.  Every state is like this.  But just to know what you’re going to be doing for the state of Wisconsin here. You know, we know that exposure to lead in drinking water can trigger a number of serious problems.  Even low levels of lead can cause behavior and learning problems in children, impairing their growth. There are up to 10 million homes with lead pipe service lines and pipes.  Children in up to 400,000 schools — 400,000 schools — and childcare facilities are at risk of exposure to lead.  This deal contains the largest investment in clean drinking water and waste water infrastructure in American history.

*marks where the shared video starts.*

President Biden [the video is 12 seconds long] I’m here in Wisconsin to celebrate a historic bipartisan deal. We have the most significant infrastructure plan since the Interstate Highway System. It’s going to change things, and it’ll provide really good jobs.

Wednesday’s BIF tweets.

President Biden (24:50): As a result, this is a generational investment — a generational investment to modernize our infrastructure, creating millions of good-paying jobs — and that’s not coming from me; that’s coming from Wall Street — millions of good-paying jobs that position America to compete with the rest of the world in the 21st century — because China is way out-working us, in terms of infrastructure. 

He added 2 tweets for Wednesday unrelated to BIF…

The video stream is 31 minutes and 28 seconds long. His remarks have not been published yet.

The White House press briefing is scheduled to start at 1:00 p.m. D.C., time and will feature special guest EPA Administrator Michael Regan.

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