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Scott, a 29-year veteran, published a statement on social media Wednesday saying he had received a letter offering him the option to resign, retire or relocate. He said the notice did not provide a rationale for his removal, describing it a pro forma notice “so the new administration can place the person they want in the position.”

Scott’s departure was widely anticipated, with several of his current and former colleagues surprised he remained in the post long after President Biden’s inauguration. During last year’s presidential campaign, Scott appeared several times alongside Trump, eagerly defending his hard-line policies, leading some colleagues to privately express concern that Scott’s enthusiasm occasionally veered into partisanship.

In a post on Facebook, Scott said he would remain in his role for roughly 60 more days but had not decided if he will leave the Border Patrol or accept a reassignment. Deputy chief Raul Ortiz will replace him in the top job on an interim basis, according to a Department of Homeland Security official with knowledge of the plans who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss personnel matters.

Washington Post; June 23, 2021

h/t to NCMountainGirl for news on Giuliani’s suspension.

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From Rule 20 of the ABA
Immediate Interim Suspension. Upon examination of the evidence transmitted to the court by disciplinary counsel and of rebuttal evidence, if any, which the lawyer has transmitted to the court prior to the court’s ruling, the court may enter an order immediately suspending the lawyer, pending final disposition of a disciplinary proceeding predicated upon the conduct causing the harm, or may order such other action as it deems appropriate. In the event the order is entered, the court may appoint a trustee pursuant to Rule 28 to protect clients’ interests.….

Sorta sounds like an injunction, halting any law practice temporarily until the complaint is finalized to me.

(CN) — A grand jury added two organized crime indictments Wednesday to a slew of charges Houston police are facing over a raid in which officers shot and killed a married couple.
Twelve former and current Houston police have been indicted in connection with the raid, and the legal problems for two of them grew Wednesday.

A Harris County grand jury Wednesday indicted retired HPD Officer Gerald Goines, 56, and current HPD Officer Felipe Gallegos, 33, alleging they engaged in organized crime.

Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg said Goines and Gallegos are accused of involvement in a long-running overtime theft scam uncovered by her prosecutors’ investigation of the raid.

Goines retired in March 2019 following a Jan. 28, 2019 raid in which Goines and members of his Houston police narcotics squad, executing a no-knock warrant, barged into the home of Dennis Tuttle, 59, and his wife Rhogena Nicholas, 58, and a gun battle ensued.

Police fatally shot the couple after Tuttle opened fire on them and four officers, including Goines, were shot in the melee.

Goines is also facing state murder and federal civil rights charges after investigations by HPD, the Harris County DA’s Office and the FBI reportedly found he had obtained the warrant with a bogus affidavit.

Goines is accused of lying in the affidavit he had witnessed a confidential informant buy heroin from a man at the couple’s home.

Courthouse News; June 23, 2021

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