TNB Night Owl – A Talking Bunny

Bunny rabbit. Image captured by the News Blender.

Remember Stella, the dog that can talk, featured on the Owl a few weeks ago? Would you believe the inre’s a bunny that can talk? Well there is! But it’s not what you think. Spoiler Alert: this Bunny is a dog. A very smart dog, named Bunny. She’s a tiny human in a big labradoodle’s fur coat.

We could discuss her extensive vocabulary, her strong understanding of time, her ability to recognize and admit when she’s made a mistake, or the fact that she knows her doggo friend’s names (Tango, Jack, Beacher, and Selena). However, I’m short on time as I started on the Owl very late – so I’m just going to add a few videos and let you see Bunny’s smarts for yourself.

And if you’re wondering why I’m covering the same type of subject – (oh joy, another talking dog) – so soon after introducing you to Stella, the world’s first talking fido, it’s because I’m in awe of how quickly this phenomenon is catching on around the world and how quickly ordinary doggos are learning to communicate effectively with their humans. At this rate, it won’t be long before talking dogs are commonplace and won’t attract any attention at all.

“”I Dog” | Bunny The “Talking” Dog” (1:15):

“Now Dog Want Is | Bunny The Talking Dog” (0:22)

“What an amazing conversation!!” (1:24):

“Bunny And The Mysterious Case of The Stranger In The House – Bunny The “Talking” Dog” (1:50):

“Bunny and Friends – Bunny “Talking” About Her Friends” (2:09):

“Talking With Bunny | Contemplating Time” (2:01):

“Talking With Bunny | When Bunny Went Park (Hmm?)” (1:01):

“I See Human | What About Bunny” (2:27):

“Cat Sound Where? | What About Bunny” (3:16):

“A Little More Existentialism From Bunny The Talking Dog | What About Bunny” (3:33):

Question Of The Night: If you could talk to animals, and they could converse with you in English (or your preferred language) what animals would you like to have an audience with? Why?

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