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Ten string guitar. Image captured by the News Blender.

We’re all familiar with six string guitars, and even twelve string guitars. How about ten string guitars? Turns out, eight, nine, and ten string guitars (or their predecessors) were more common back in the day of classical composers. To faithfully play the music of the past, you need more than six strings.

Earlier this evening I learned of a classically trained young Russian guitarist. Marina Krupkina not only plays the classics, she also writes her own compositions, which have a distinctively modern sound. The videos below start with eighteenth century classics by Mozart, Bach, and Vivaldi. Krupkina then plays the French Can Can, a popular piece from the nineteenth century. Three modern compositions she wrote herself round out the offerings.

Rick Beato is a musician with a popular YouTube channel (well, two YouTube channels actually). Music is the topic, of course, featuring interesting guest interviews, music theory, music history, stories, and the like. Anyway, it’s all about music and he’s earned my respect and admiration from watching just a handful of his videos. Yeah, I’m now a fan of his, which is an honor I rarely bestow on anyone I’ve never met and don’t personally know. So when I saw he’d created a video titled “10 Female Musicians You Should Know! (2021)”, I knew they had to be very talented musicians to impress Beato. Ergo, I was compelled to watch, just a few hours ago, whereupon I was intrigued by the ten string guitar performance of Marina Krupkina. That video is included below as a bonus.

“Wolfgang A. Mozart – Rondo Alla Turca on a 10 string Guitar | Marina’s Decacorde” (3:48):

“J.S.Bach – Choral Prelude (Nikita Koshkin & Marina Krupkina guitar duo)” (2:44):

“Mozart Sonata In C Major (1 Mvt) K.545 on 10 string guitar (Marina Krupkina)” (3:36):

“Vivaldi – Concerto Grosso in d minor on 9 guitars” (9:21);

“Can Can (Offenbach-Koshkin) on 10 string guitar” (2:45):

“Marina Krupkina – Ouroboros (10 string guitar)” (3:50):

“”Khorovod” – 10 string guitar original – Marina Krupkina” (3:35):

“Pygmalion Effect [10 string guitar original] – Marina’s Decacorde” (5:30):

“10 Female Musicians You Should Know! (2021)” (11:52):

Question Of The Night: In your opinion, who is the greatest guitar player, ever?

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