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Coffee. Photo by Jonathan Thursfield.

It’s Saturday.

Use to be my alarm clock sound now it’s just a theme song…

Well, guys, we’ve made it to the end of July, the summer heat is almost (4 to 6 weeks give or take) behind us. And today, I was gonna poke me some fun at…

Know who else praised the anniversary of Medicare….

That’s right *gasp, the horror* I wonder if she feels dirty now???

I mean for real, this same type of shit happened on Thursday, a day that I’m coming to hate among the weekdays because ffs I’m so freakin’ busy….

I Googled it.
Googled this too.

So, Madame Speaker is both all powerful and powerless at the same time. Good job, Kevin “fuckstick” McCarthy for replacing Liz “smarter than you,” Cheney with Elise “doesn’t understand words having meanings” Stefanik.

After we poked some fun at the idiotic Stefanik for praising a socialist program while denouncing socialism we were gonna move onto Marco “makes we want to beat the shit out of myself for ever supporting him” Rubio…

Thursday he said this…

He was told this…

Friday he replied with this…

So, yeah, the images are of three separate Asian countries; Singapore, Vietnam, and the Philippines, hint; each country has their own covid-19 protocols.

So far, his last tweet was to drag a CNN opinion piece that talked about his first tweet…

This is what makes me mad about this beyond the poking fun at Rubio for tripling down on his arrogance and ignorance. Those dogging the Secretary of Defense are basically telling American’s to be rude fuckers when they travel to foreign countries something our State Department frowns upon and could possibly lead to arrests or deaths following arrests…in some places…Assholes care about nothing beyond “owning da libs.”

Anyway, we were going to guffaw at those dolts, but something happened Friday evening my brother called. It was a nice enough exchange of mocking our father for getting my brothers POS car fixed cause he drove it for 5 minutes one day last week, and yeah, that’s how our dad rolls.

Anyhoo, as we are talking he says “they are talking about lockdowns again” they being liberals, and I’m like, well, I haven’t read that being suggested beyond hot spots here or there, not like 2020…

He moved on to talk about the “Delta variant” that is “new” now, and nobody heard of it before this week…

But he blew right passed that and said “I read from my news service app “smart news,” that the vaccine is aimed at killing off the 75 plus people.

*see above gif*

We hung up on that note, I pushed it around my head for hours and then found a video on TikTok that I forgot to like or share it, but the gist was a lady asking “is it just me, or is everyone more pissed off this time around.”

And the answer is, yes, I fucking am, I’m more mad today, July 31st, 2021, than I was last summer. Or maybe it’s a different mad, last year we had daily mini-rallies or full blown rallies dressed up like White House press briefings, so our anger was channeled to just a few people.

But now?

Now, when we have a vaccine that works to effectively blunt the coronavirus, meaning less hospitalization and less death, my rage is expanded.

I’m mad, I get it, we’ve talked about it at length, the CDC fucked up, when they told us, the vaccinated, we didn’t have to wear masks indoors, but that does not negate everyone else acting like damn fools.

One of the biggest issues I have with all this bullshit, is that those on the flip side, Republican’s in power mostly, Democrats on Facebook, loud asses on Twitter are acting like everything is new, none of this has happened before.

It doesn’t help when the government spews the word we hate or maybe it’s just me “historic,” as that does tend to imply it’s “new”.

But that’s a bitch for another day, let’s go back to my Googling this morning, I was unable to find a recent exchange that suggested the vaccine was a genocide plot to kill off the Boomers…I did find this…

From Reuters: Fact Check-COVID-19 vaccines are not a ‘depopulation plan’.

July, 9th, 2021, they wrote; Posts sharing information that COVID-19 vaccines are a depopulation plan are false. Evidence so far has shown the COVID-19 vaccines have led to a decrease in deaths and severe illness across the United States.

It seems the main theory used in the plan came from this rando Twitter account…

Don’t read the replies, you will have zero will to live or any faith in humanity.

Anyway, that was from May 23rd, 2021, and he/she, they/them, doesn’t mention the coronavirus vaccine by name…but it’s heavily implied, and doesn’t matter because it was likely the source of a new tin foil hat theory.

As I was Googling this morning, the conversation I had with my husband after my speaker phoned phone call kept circling in the back nudging at me.

Why would they need to create a vaccine to kill off the over 70’s crowd when the coronavirus was already doing that?

Yes, we spoke at some length yesterday about how their theories seem to evolve; last year it was they are elderly, them dying for the economy is something they would want cause old and parotic!!!

Today there is a massive plot by millions of people to genocide the elderly…

Then our conversation included the other theories, in all of them there is a contradiction sure, but we travel to “it was Antifa that stormed the Capitol,” and asked why Antifa would need to storm the Capitol? We are told “to make Impeached Twice 45’s supporters and Twice Impeached 45 look bad.”


He was out, the election fired him, why the hell would they go so far as storming the building in an attempt to stop the certification of President-Elect Biden to make anyone look bad?

Anyway, there it is, I’m more pissed off today than last time around when finding our virus footing. And to make my rage even worse, this time, the virus is infecting children, not just the elderly, that doesn’t discount the children sick last year, just saying the Delta variant is worse and it’s infecting children.

I’m angry at Fox News, angry at our feckless politicians, mostly Republicans, both politicians and Republican supporters.

To be fair, I think that’s just how it’s going to be for me for a long time. Because I gave the Republicans all of my support, all of it. Defended my beliefs and what they told me were their beliefs. I gave them my money, time, energy, joined email lists, rah rah’d for them only for them to turn their backs on me and every principle I thought they had.

But I’m not bitter.

Yeah, I’m totally bitter.

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