TNB Night Owl – Central Asia Folk Music Sampler

Mountains in the Pashtun region of central Asia. Image captured by the News Blender.

For a change of pace, sometimes it’s refreshing to listen to music that’s different than what we’re accustomed to. In that spirit, the Night Owl presents samples of traditional folk music from central Asia. In all honesty, I don’t really know much about any of this music or the cultures that produced it. The great thing about music, though, is that it’s universal. You don’t have to understand the language to appreciate the sound, and it doesn’t hurt to get to know other cultures: videos are a convenient way to explore the world in that way.

The first three samples appear to be older footage, but exactly how old isn’t clear. The fourth video is recent, from a wedding in 2018, which obviously takes place in a modern building in a big city. If you enjoy people-watching and you’ve ever been to a wedding anywhere, this scene will feel familiar.

“Afghanistan traditional music – Kandahar” (2:51):

“Traditional Afghan Pashtun Music with Rabab” (2:40):

“Pashtun Traditional Music” (5:15):

“Afghans Wedding Cali – HR) 2018” (5:15):

This one from Iran might be my favorite of this group, if only for the music. The song is catchy and the instruments are very interesting (except for the upright bass which looks out of place alongside the traditional folk instruments). It would be more enjoyable if all the musicians had worn traditional folk costumes and performed in a more natural setting, like most of the other videos here.

“Rastak- Ey Yar – Iranian Folk Song from South of Iran (گروه رستاک- ای یار)” (5:25):

This is a pretty song in any language, but then again I have no idea what she’s singing… about riding a horse, maybe?

“Kazakh Folk Song 2” (2:41):

The final pair are a bit over-produced for my taste, but the colorful clothing and storytelling made them worth including. The very last video tells the tale of lost love. The young woman is betrothed to another through an arranged marriage, while the young man is too poor to be considered by her wealthy parents. It seems that tragic love songs are universal.

“Uyghur folk song – Mitiz Meshrep” (5:12):

“Uyghur folk song – Liwen Yarlar” (6:06):

Question Of The Night: What popular trend, object, thing, etc., from the past do you feel the most nostalgic about?

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