Coffee Talk with Tiff for Saturday’s Open Thread

Coffee. Photo by Jonathan Thursfield.

It’s Saturday.

It’s just cute…

Here we are it’s Saturday, I’m sipping my 3rd-ish cup of coffee while I listen to the above YouTube Saturday morning fun song (I got 4 hours to go before it’s afternoon for me), and my thoughts are spinning. This has been happening a lot for several weeks now.

Is it mental health or mentally healthy?

I don’t know, but the spins have a common thread. I’m exhausted.

Not physically, it’s mental exhaustion, trying to keep facts straight, trying to talk my son off the ledge that is paranoia, and just make it through Augusts heat wave…(we have already reached August 7th, so in fairness, the heat is almost over, thank all the fucks for that.)

The other day I responded to a Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers tweet…

I got some replies most are like this…

“Talking point” yeah, totally reporting the data from each county in our country to the public, is just talking points from those “who stole it.”

The latest reply from Saturday…

One rando-Twitter user just told me to “wise up”. And one from the same day as I sent the tweet said this…

I can only assume Miguel is talking about the Cyber Ninja’s audit that isn’t a real audit, cause they are not election auditors. He might be talking about the Expensive Pillow Guy’s 3 day grift to recoup loses that is happening next week to conclude on Friday, the 13th, I think it concludes that day.

Anyhoo, that leads us to this Anderson Cooper tweet from the other day.

Listening to the exchange is a glimpse of what it’s like to have a conversation with a Twice Impeached 45 supporter.

The clip is 8 minutes long. No worries, we won’t be reviewing the whole clip. Just a few minutes of one exchange.

Reporter: I don’t think you really understand how votes are cast, collected and tabulated in this country.
Lindell: You know what, I do. But what you don’t understand is they can get–after they are tabulated they can get hacked after the fact. Which they were. Because Donald Trump was gonna win anyway…
There is some crosstalk here, we are skipping.
Lindell: You didn’t do an audit to match them up though.
Reporter: They were audited against the machine.
Lindell: No they weren’t. No they weren’t.
Reporter: In these counties they were.
Lindell: No they weren’t. No they weren’t. Who told you this?
Reporter: The county officials…
Lindell: Oh did they “tell you that”…
Reporter: All these county officials are lying?
Lindell: I don’t know. They might be misconstrued. We’ll see. Misconstrued, because they don’t realize what happened.

We stop there, there is more, but you get the idea; cray-cray man is presented with facts and gets more cray-cray….

Here’s the thing, we are 88 days away from one-year since the election was held. Yep, just 88 days from now will be November, 3rd, 2021. And far too many people are still convinced Impeached Twice 45 won the election cause it wasn’t fair, it was “stolen” or it was hacked.

I was told yesterday that because Lindell the My Crazy Ass Pillow Guy was getting ready to unveil his proof of the election being stolen, that in response President Biden was going to declare Martial Law and round up the unvaccinated…

It was the talk of TikTok or Twitter….

I’m 47 years-young-old….my earliest memory of “Martial Law,” being declared by a President was, that’s how former President Carter was going to prevent Ronald Reagan from becoming President. It was just talk, folks sitting around over coffee in a diner called Zingo’s we went too when I was young. I heard it almost every time afterward. The clearest times, under former President Bush the Second and former President Obama. And again with Impeached Twice 45.

In the latter’s case, he had guests to our White House, to actually discuss the possibility.

Members of the group assembled­ in the Oval Office on Friday for a marathon meeting that lasted more than four hours and included discussion of tactics ranging from imposing martial law in swing states to seizing voting machines through executive fiat. The meeting exploded into shouting matches as outside advisers and White House aides clashed over the lack of a cohesive strategy and disagreed about the constitutionality of some of the proposed solutions.

Washington Post. 12/21/2021.

Twice Impeached 45 said this on August 3rd, 2021…

I refuse to link it…

I had heard of the report, cause the article from the Gateway Pundit was shared with me…but I haven’t read it. I probably should. But look what he says “Now watch the Democrats coalesce, defame, threaten, investigate, jail people, and do whatever they have to do to keep the truth from surfacing, and let the Biden Administration continue to get away with destroying our Country.”

Which is almost exactly what I was told yesterday…

It’s exhausting, I’m mentally warn because of it, my give a fucks about politics is low right now, but I don’t see what choice I have. I mean, I honestly, cannot allow the spewing of bullshit to go unchecked. So, here we are, Saturday, still not afternoon for me, and the answer is still muddy at best.

To debunk or not to debunk….that is the question…

This is an open thread

Next week, Saturday and Sunday’s Coffee Talk will be short and sweet, as I’m going to toss up a gone fishing sign, and not go fishing at all. I’m just going to spend the weekend not blogging, cause the husband is taking Friday and Monday off.

Have a great Saturday….

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