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Coffee. Photo by Jonathan Thursfield.

It’s Sunday aka 18 days until I’m at Disneyland. *fingers crossed*

Good morning, Blenders, it’s Sunday September 19th, 2021. The first day of fall is Wednesday. Halloween is a mere 42 days away ( 😱 ).

This morning, I have loaded my dishwasher as I waited for my coffee to brew and pulled up two live streams from Disney World, after said cup of coffee was in hand.

The first streamers are newer to me than the second, but to grow the community, I’m trying to like and share as many as possible. One thing I’ve learned is a thumbs up boosts the YouTube recommends. Another thing I’ve learned on this weird live stream journey I’m on, just liking the video isn’t exactly enough to boost the YouTube recommends, it’s important to like and “watch”. So, currently the first stream I shared is muted, but still running, the second is running with sound. Last night, was a busy ass night for streamers. I had one playing on my phone, and two running in the back ground, as I “watched” the 4th one.

Anyhoo, after I pulled up my YouTubes, I opened Twitter (the News Blender is always my very first thing I open, or sometimes just refresh as I leave the Owl open…) the first “notification” I saw…

I fully admit my first action was to roll my eyes; I then clicked on the article.

Filipino boxing legend Manny Pacquiao on Sunday officially announced he was running for president in next year’s elections, potentially facing off with incumbent state leader Rodrigo Duterte’s chosen successor.

Pacquiao, 42, was nominated by a faction of PDP-Laban, the ruling party that fielded Duterte in 2016.

“I am a fighter and I will always be a fighter inside and outside the ring,” Pacquiao said at the party’s assembly over the weekend.

Washington Post. 09/19/2021.

Some paragraphs later I discovered; Pacquiao has continued his matches while juggling a career in politics — first as a congressman, and then a senator — resulting in criticism about his absenteeism.

So, a step into the Presidential ring is not in fact out of the blue. I also learned that; Analysts expect Go to be a proxy for Duterte, who is bound by a single-term limit as president and must stay in power in order to avoid potential arrest by the International Criminal Court. The ICC announced last week it would proceed with an investigation of killings under Duterte’s term.

I moved on. Which basically means I scrolled to older notifications.

First clip he says the President is forcing Mississippi workers to pick between “getting the jab or feeding their families.” He adds this is all to distract from Afghanistan and President Biden’s poll numbers.

The second clip Reeves starts addressing Tappers question by saying Mississippi’s legislature is part time and sometimes he wonders if in America if our Congress was part time if we wouldn’t be in a better position. Tapper interrupts there saying “better position than what?”

Anyways, Reeves moves on and says it’s Missouri, Arkansas, and Louisiana that spiked first. It does sound like he’s blaming the “Sunbelt” states for Mississippi’s raise in cases.

I was distracted from digging into the claim that Mississippi is now seeing a decline in cases, which from the tiny bit of Googling I did do, appears true on the surface.

My distraction…

The gist is that Wallace is asking Collins about the confusion over boosters and how President Biden said they’d start tomorrow…

Because I’m typically a day behind events, as President Biden tweets are almost always remark snip specific, my article covering the intent to offer a booster shot to every American is from August 19th, 2021.

Here’s a summary of how that went down…

The Surgeon General of the United States announced that…

From President Biden’s remarks: The plan is for every az- — every adult to get a booster shot eight months after you got your second shot. Pending approval from the Food and Drug Administration and the CDC’s Committee of outside experts, we’ll be ready to start these booster — this booster program during the week of September 20, in which time anyone fully vaccinated on or before January 20 will be eligible to get a booster shot.

Now, I said the program would start tomorrow, cause Wallace said starting tomorrow, but in his remarks President Biden says during the week of September 20th, 2021, not specifically starting on that date, just an FYI…

On Friday, September 17th, 2021, reported; a panel of advisers to the Food and Drug Administration on Friday recommended against approval of a booster dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for people 16 years and older. The 16-2 vote against broad use of the booster, which would be given about six months after completion of the two-dose immunization regimen, dealt a setback to Pfizer and complicates the FDA’s approach to boosters.

They took a break and came back with a “revised booster question. The panel then voted 18-0 in support of the agency authorizing a booster shot of the vaccine for people 65 and older or at high risk of severe COVID-19.”


Speaking of vaccines in not breaking news…

He’s being saying this since summer.

And with that we circle back to YouTube Disney streamers, only cause it’s 8:34 a.m., my time now, and I’m out of coffee. But for those who like to see fireworks boy do I have a cool Disney World view to share with you.

This was Disney Connexions test steam which is said at the start of the 28 minute and 40 second video. To skip stuff and get right to the fireworks fast forward to the 19 minute and 26 second mark.

This is an Open Thread.


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