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The Mavericks performing live, June 2, 2004, Austin, Texas. Image captured by the News Blender.

You may or may not have heard of them before. The Mavericks are a little tough to pin down to any one genre. Most of their music comes across as a blend of multiple styles that work beautifully together. Originally from the Miami area, they played punk and alternative music, often booked to play gigs on the same bill with offbeat acts like Marilyn Manson. From that time and place, their style evolved and became something closer to mainstream, while never becoming mainstream or hugely popular. They did achieve crossover appeal, attracting fans from disparate musical cultures.

Most of The Mavericks’ biggest hits were made in the nineties. However, we’re going to start with a cover of one of Merle Haggard’s songs, which ain’t nothin’ like what ol’ Merle woulda done. It’s an high-energy performance recorded live, June 2, 2004, in Austin, Texas. Check out the piano player, his hands are just a blur they’re moving so fast!

2004 (recorded live)
“Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down”

1993 (released)
“What A Crying Shame” (3:52)

“O What A Thrill”

“There Goes My Heart”

“I Should Have Been True”

“All That Heaven Will Allow”

“Blue Moon” (3:50)

“Here Comes The Rain”

“All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down”

“Dance The Night Away (Official Video)”

2012/2013 (recorded/released)
“Born To Be Blue (Official Video)”

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