Coffee Talk, The Boss Is On Vacay: Day 3

Coffee. Photo by Jonathan Thursfield.

It is 9 am central time and I am having my first cup of coffee and racking my brain what we can talk about…


To distract myself I thumbed through my music list and ta-da! I remembered a fun distraction game I came across last week out in the twitter-verse that went like this…

Bruiser got in on it.

Let’s keep it going and enjoy some music this morning. Here are a few more from my music list.

Slept in a Supertramp t-shirt and woke up in a dumb hotel near the Taco Bell. [Gone Hollywood]

Slept in a Tonic t-shirt and woke up in a Lemon Parade.

Slept in an Aerosmith t-shirt and woke up Pink.

Slept in a Styx t-shirt and woke up with Too Much Time On My Hands.

Slept in an Eagles t-shirt and woke up in the Sad Cafe.

Slept in an Santana t-shirt and woke up Smooth.

Keep it going…!!


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