Saturday’s Coffee Talk With Tiff

Coffee. Photo by Jonathan Thursfield.

It’s Saturday.

It has been 8 days since I went to the happiest place on earth!

This is our first day arrival at the park entrance, crowd level high, mask wearing optional for outside, as you can see above. But many more people than I suspected, did try and maintain masks and social distance when possible. You could tell the ones excited to be there but anxious to not get the Rona…

Some thoughts as I share my family vacation with y’all. Having never before had an “annual” pass to any theme park I have to admit these first photos of this first use of our Magic Key are somewhat off? Unorganized? Missing context? I don’t know, but I assume as we visit more our photo taking will improve.

For example, we got a boarding group to the Star Wars land ride; Rise of the Resistance. The attention to detail and the quality of this ride is freaking amazing.

The ride opened just before the pandemic caused Disney to shut the gates on all of their parks world-wide. So, this below media preview is from January 2020 not a mask or social distance marker in sight.

From queue entry to ride finish was 30 minutes. It’s the most amazing immersive experience I’ve had on a ride.

This photo is not mine, it’s David’s from Fresh Baked YouTube above…

Fresh Baked. January 2020.

The reason why I’m using his YouTube? Well, cause the three of us losers, were too stunned to snap a photo of the Storm Troopers. I mean for real, three phones and not one of us, took the photo. I think we were just visually stunned by the immersion because I swear you feel like you are in space or maybe it’s more you feel like, you’ve just walked right onto the movie set that is Star Wars?

Here are photo’s from the queue.

We move on from Star Wars and jump straight to the Tea Cups, which my husband did manage to capture on video.


Disney fun. ##teacup

♬ original sound – BigMike

If you suffer motion sickness Do. Not. Click. Play.

It was silly and I’m sorry to say none of us managed to capture the start of our silliness. My husband is 6 foot 4 inches tall, the three of us, managed to ride one Tea Cup together, his legs were crossed a knee just above the spinning wheel and pushed against the tiny safety door for the whole ride; Alli and I managed to spin our Tea Cup like a top. I didn’t think we’d spin at all but if you Clicked. Play. You know we in fact spun.

One observation I had was that Disneyland itself was not Halloween immersive like I thought, yes, there was the Haunted Mansion turned Nightmare Before Christmas, but most of their decorations were more fall like.

And again our inexperience with “family vacation photo taking,” shows as we managed to capture zero full shots of the Haunted Mansion.

The below is me and Alli. The nose ring is not real, though she’s testing out the fake to see if she’d like the real thing. I am of a mind that if a nose ring, happens, it’s a 20 somethings mistake I can live with. Tame compared to the 20 somethings mistakes my son’s made. LOL. LOL. LOL.

As to the my hair. I love it, but having natural curly hair and it being humid well, as you can see, straight was not an option. FYI: I removed my mask for the photo after taken the mask was right back on.

This is what the hair is suppose to look like…and yeah, I can do it, and maybe in November with less humidity I’ll even manage it for our trip.

Anyhoo…back family vacation photos….

One thing we did this trip versus our trip in 2016 was ride the train, a lot. It’s amazing as it takes you around the park, cutting down on crowd and walking. The first day was kind of a bust to be fair, we didn’t manage to stay at the park all day and night, we were just too dang tried. The second day was better, and we did manage to stay until park close. Those pictures are coming tomorrow. Where we see Halloween at Disney California Adventure.

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