Sunday’s Coffee Talk With Tiff

Coffee. Photo by Jonathan Thursfield.

It’s Sunday.

Halloween is a week from today!!!!

Speaking of Ghostbusting…

Also this…

I had a mini-rant; well not a rant so much as a written report on my thoughts on this new Genie + Lightning Lane & Individual Lighting Lane pay to ride service that was just launched at Disney World. Allegedly it’s “coming soon” to Disneyland.

This Genie + thing is the new cut in line paid option for park goers, but two things have halted me in my tracks.

First, I need more data, so far, I don’t have enough to decide if I hate the idea of Genie + for Disneyland which is gonna cost people 20 dollars a day each person or if I don’t care. Right now I hate the idea of it at Disneyland but I digress.

Second, we’ve had a plumbing issue that was discovered last evening we are attempting to fix this morning hence why I’m late.

Buy a home they said it will be fun they said…

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