TNB Night Owl – The Chaos Of Multiple Suns

Screenshot of the three body problem orbit simulation. Image captured by the News Blender.

“Captain to the bridge” was an oft-used phrase in Star Trek whenever the Enterprise encountered trouble of any kind which might require the captain’s outstanding judgement and quick decision-making abilities. Imagine what might have been in store for the good captain and crew if they had encountered planetary systems with multiple suns like those in the videos below.

In real life, astronomers have discovered systems with two and even three stars orbiting around each other. These two very brief videos show what the orbital mechanics might look like from above the north pole of hypothetical stars. Imagine being on the planet that orbits two stars. Or navigating through a system with three stars orbiting around each other. Chaos reigns supreme for these worlds.

[My apologies, but Monday was a whoop-ass day and I am thoroughly exhausted. Hate to do this but I’m going to have to punt on this one ’cause I know I’ll never make it to the end zone tonight. Anyway, the orbital simulation videos are pretty cool, pretty wild, and very short.]

“Double Star With Planet Equals Chaos” (1:22)

“Three-Body Problem Simulation with 3 Free Masses | Gravity | Physics Simulations” (0:45)

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