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Biden Tweets Christmas Logo. Image by Lenny Ghoul.

It’s Friday. Photo taken at 7:15 a.m. CA., time.

For Friday, December 10th, 2021, President Biden has received his daily brief. This morning he will attend the funeral of Senator Robert Dole. This afternoon he will deliver closing remarks at the virtual Summit for Democracy. This evening he and the First Lady will travel to their home in Delaware.

I’ve made the executive decision to share his last tweet for Thursday here…

On Thursday Senator Robert Dole’s casket arrived to the U.S. Capitol. President Biden spoke at the memorial. He begins his remarks at the 49 minute and 25 second mark. His full remarks can be found here.

President Biden has tweeted 1 time so far for Friday…

Jimmy Fallon announced yesterday that President Biden will make his first appearance on Fallon Tonight as President tonight.

When Biden Bits was posted for Thursday, President Biden had tweeted 5 times. He added 6 tweets giving him a Thursday Tweeting Total of 11 tweets and 1 retweet…

President Biden held the first day of the Summit for Democracy on Thursday. The below YouTube video is 12 minutes and 38 seconds long. His opening remarks can be found here.

President Biden: So, over the next two days, we’re bringing together leaders from more than 100 governments alongside activists, trade unionists, and other members of civil society, leading experts and researchers, and representatives from the business community, not — not to assert that any one of our democracies is perfect or has all the answers, but to lock arms and reaffirm our shared commitment to make our democracies better; to share ideas and learn from each other; and to make concrete commitments of how — how to strengthen our own democracies and push back on authoritarianism, fight corruption, promote and protect human rights of people everywhere.  To act.  To act. 

The action he means is from November 23rd, 2021; President Biden Announces Release the Strategic Petroleum Reserve As Part of Ongoing Efforts to Lower Prices and Address Lack of Supply Around the World…

President Biden visited Kansas City, Missouri, on December 8th, 2021. The below YouTube is 37 minutes and 29 seconds long. His full remarks can be found here.

President Biden: And speaking of the cost of living: Two weeks ago, I announced the largest-ever release of the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve to increase the supply of oil to help bring down prices.  And I met with our friends around the world; other countries joined us.  And those savings are starting to reach drivers. Now, today, the average price you’re paying here in Kansas City is below two [sic] dollars a gallon — three dollars a gallon.  It’s down to $2.90 a gallon.  Twenty percent [cents] down from — cents — from a month ago. Nationally, prices are down 7 cents a gallon and continue to fall. We’re making progress, and we’re going to keep at it to ensure the American people are paying their fair share for gas — not being gouged for gas.  (Applause.)


It says the average is 3.338 a gallon as of Thursday over in the right hand side it says dark blue states are 3.066-2.910 a gallon.

Gas says that Oklahoma has the cheapest gas at 2.864 with, surprising no one, California coming in at the highest at 4.679 a gallon.

The video is 1 minute and 8 seconds long. The snip was also taken from remarks given in Kansas City…

President Biden: Look, the better part of the 20th century, we led the world by a significant margin in our willingness to invest in ourselves — in ourselves. We invested in our infrastructure. We invested in research and development, in our roads, highways, bridges, ports, and airports — the arteries of the nation that allow commerce to function smoothly and move swiftly. And we invested in our people. We gave opportunity. We were among the first to provide access to universal education — high school education at the beginning of the 20th century, which put us in the forefront of leading the rest of the world. We invested to win the Space Race, and we won it. We led the world in research and development that led to the creation of the Internet. But we know that China and the rest of the world are catching up and, in some respects, actually moving beyond us. We’re also going to reinvest in our country and our people to reclaim our leadership to create millions of jobs by building a better America — (applause) — with the best infrastructure in the world, built overwhelmingly with prevailing wage, union — union, union. (Applause.)

President Biden: We’re going to help rebuild the economy — this time from the bottom up and the middle out.  You know, a blue col- — this bill is a blue-collar blueprint for working Americans.

The video is 27 seconds long

This is what he says in the video:

President Biden: Folks, over the next few weeks, I’m going to be traveling all over America to work on the Build a Better America effort that we have underway here. And we’re going to get it done. I’ll be with my Vice President, my Cabinet, all making the case how we can build a better America and we must. You can learn more about this effort by going to

What he said in Kansas City:

President Biden: In the coming weeks, I’m going to be traveling all over the country and so will Vice President Harris, my Cabinet, and folks throughout our administration. Our “Building A Better America” tour is going to give us a chance to meet people where they work — where they work — and hear what the communities that they live in, what they need — hear firsthand — and showcase how our Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, which will change their lives for the better, came about because we worked together. We can learn more about this law and what it means for your community.  Go to


Delivering Results from President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law
President Biden forged consensus and compromise between Democrats, Republicans, and Independents to demonstrate our democracy can deliver big wins for the American people. After decades of talk on rebuilding America’s crumbling infrastructure, President Biden delivered the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law – a historic investment in America that will change people’s lives for the better and get America moving again. 

As the Biden-Harris Administration works towards Building a Better America, the President, Vice President, and Cabinet are traveling to red states, blue states, big cities, small towns, rural areas, and tribal lands to meet people where they live and work, hear what communities need firsthand, and showcase what the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law does for them. Whether it’s good jobs, better roads, easier commutes, cleaner water, or more reliable power, Building a Better America means we’ll work together as one team with one mission. We will work with Governors, Mayors, Tribal leaders, business owners, union members, and community leaders from across America to get the job done on task, on time, and on budget. 

Building a Better America happens from the bottom-up and middle-out with good-paying, union jobs. It puts equity at the center of our work so that infrastructure brings us together and no community is left behind. It helps to tackle climate crisis by building sustainable and resilient infrastructure. And it makes sure that this is truly an investment in the American people with American-made products and manufacturing.  
Let’s get to work.

Share your story about how the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will impact you and your community.

  1. Fill out the form to introduce yourself.
  2. Record a video of how the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will impact you and your community.

Then it has the form you can fill out…

The daily briefing is scheduled for 12:30 p.m. D.C., time.

President Biden’s closing Summit remarks are scheduled for 1:45 p.m. D.C., time.

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