TNB Night Owl – Memorable Movie Tunes

Scene from the musical Hair, performing Aquarius. Image captured by the News Blender.

Something… different: a semi-random eclectic assortment of songs from the cinema.

1939 The Wizard Of Oz
“(Somewhere) Over The Rainbow” (2:17)

1942 Casablanca
“As Time Goes By” (4:07)

1960 The Magnificent Seven
“The Magnificent Seven Theme” (5:41)

1961 West Side Story
“Somewhere” (2:58)

1965 The Sound Of Music
“The Sound of Music” (2:23)

1974 Young Frankenstein
“Puttin’ On The Ritz” (4:11)

1979 Hair
“Aquarius” (4:00)

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