The Night Owl Presents Snark Attack: Meghan McCain Blames Biden for Her Case of the ‘Rona

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Who’d’a thunk I’d ever be grateful to Meghan McCain, as she’s given us something fresh to sink our snark teeth into tonight. She (allegedly) penned an article for The Daily Mail. Maybe she wrote it; maybe her husband did. Then again, maybe it was their baby. It’s really hard to tell…

In case you’re wondering, here’s the whole title:

MEGHAN MCCAIN: I finally got Covid and it was so horrible it made me doubt if America will ever recover from this pandemic. It WILL but not with moronic Biden in charge

Personally, I find it a little wordy for a title, but she has many big thoughts, and she wants to share them all at once. If brevity be the soul of wit, this must be brevity’s slow-witted sister.

Yeah, I’m letting the snark out early on this one…

The fastest and easiest way to get a test in our area in Virginia is not to get an at-home rapid test – because there aren’t any – but to wait in line in the cold at a testing center.

Daily Mail, Jan 26, 2022

Maybe Meghan isn’t aware of this, but literally every emergency walk-in clinic will give you a free Covid test. I know this because I got one myself a few months back. You don’t have to wait in line in the cold, because these places aren’t super-busy and they have indoor seating.

I suppose the fact she and her husband can’t find rapid home-tests in the greater DC area or have to wait in line in the cold at a testing center is the president’s fault. But more on that in a minute…

After maneuvering the tricky at-home rapid test, I too tested positive.

And with the bright pink, pregnancy-like test line staring back at me from my white countertop…

Daily Mail, Jan 26, 2022

I dunno… pregnancy tests aren’t that tricky; you just pee on a stick and it gives you the results. Is an at-home Covid test really that much more complicated?

Well, maybe it is for Meghan…

But my husband and I got very sick — more sick than the ‘mild Omicron’ headlines and Twitter streams suggested.

Daily Mail, Jan 26, 2022

This sounds more like a problem with the messaging of the media Meghan consumes, rather than the president’s fault…

I am still now, a few weeks out from testing positive, waking up feeling the aftereffects of a cold in my throat, getting fatigued easily, and unable to taste food or smell anything normally.

I have been lighting candles all over the house waiting for this to change.

Again, like so many people before us it was a challenge to take care of our daughter while feeling so lousy. And we had to isolate ourselves from friends and family, just like we did during the early days of the pandemic.

Daily Mail, Jan 26, 2022

What part of “pandemic” is unclear, Meghan? Even if you’re fully vaccinated, you can get Covid and spread it to others; so maybe getting together with friends and family when the Omicron variant is spiking is not the wisest choice you could’ve made. Did you think you were special? Did you think you were super immune?

I do not want to sound like a baby…

Daily Mail, Jan 26, 2022

Too late.

…or ungrateful because I am well aware of how much worse things could have been, but Covid was much rougher than I anticipated given that we are fully-vaccinated.

Daily Mail, Jan 26, 2022

She must’ve missed the part about how even some people who are fully vaccinated are still dying of Covid. Granted, they’re generally either elderly or have comorbidities, but still…

What I experienced wasn’t mild, it wasn’t easy, and I am still fearful of the unknown long-term side effects that I may experience.

Daily Mail, Jan 26, 2022

Imagine how much worse off you would’ve been had you not been vaccinated, Meghan. Covid has killed nearly 900,000 Americans so far. Anyone who thought Omicron would be a mild cold-type affair hasn’t been paying attention; even with the vaccine, there are no guarantees you’ll get lucky and have a mild case. But at least you didn’t end up in the hospital.

I wanted to test again after a week and my in-laws spent days going to Walmart, Target, CVS and other pharmacies looking for home tests that were nowhere to be found.

Finally after days of looking, my father-in-law lucked out as a shipment had just been delivered and he was able to buy one.

We live fifteen minutes away from the White House, in the United States of America.

Why is it so hard to get an at-home Covid test?

Daily Mail, Jan 26, 2022

Maybe because we’re in the middle of the worst Covid spike so far during this pandemic, and you aren’t the only person who needs an at-home test?

In isolation, I started ruminating as to whether the last days of American greatness were finally upon us, like so many pundits have been circulating over the past few years.

Daily Mail, Jan 26, 2022

Yes, because you can’t get an at-home Covid test, then clearly, America is on its last legs, Meggie…

For a pandemic that is in its third year, shouldn’t we have more readily available treatment and testing?

Daily Mail, Jan 26, 2022

Pharmeceutical companies created a vaccine for this in less than a year. And we now have testing that will give you results within minutes, rather than it taking nearly a week. What more do you need?

For as much information as I know and as much as I have been exposed to, there was not much more than sleeping, Gatorade, Tylenol and a neti pot to treat Covid-19.

Daily Mail, Jan 26, 2022

Be grateful you didn’t require any treatment beyond sleeping, Gatorade, Tylenol, and a neti pot. You know, like a ventilator.

And now we’ve reached the point where Meghan blames the president directly…

President Biden promised — verbatim — while he was running for President that ‘I will end this. I will shut down the virus, not the country.’

I didn’t vote for the man (or Trump) but I had higher hopes for a better preparedness for the country and the fight to at least mitigate Covid more than a year into the Biden administration.

Daily Mail, Jan 26, 2022

Candidate Biden had high hopes that the vast majority of America’s citizens were rational adults who would be wise enough to take standard precautions to mitigate the spread of a deadly disease. Sadly, he was wrong.

There’s only so much the president can do in this situation, particularly since the GOP, RW media, and the conservative-controlled Supreme Court have limited what he can do. Without vaccine mandates, what more can he do? Wave his magic wand and make Covid go away?

Oh, sorry… that was Trump’s strategy for dealing with the ‘Rona…

It was easy for the media to — rightfully — blame Trump for the bungling of the early Covid-19 response, but Biden and his feckless, moronic, isolated Titanic of an administration gets the blame now.

Daily Mail, Jan 26, 2022

Like me, many of you reading this are old enough to remember when the GOP was the “party of personal responsibility.” We wouldn’t have dreamed of blaming President Clinton for something outside his ability to control. Yet here we are, with the right blaming Biden that in a single year he hasn’t beaten Covid with his bare hands.

Sorry, hon, the world doesn’t work like that.

The only person feckless and moronic here is you, Meghan.

I can’t fathom how people without support, resources and international columns to tell their story feel.

Daily Mail, Jan 26, 2022

Is it just me, or is that last part about having an international column a humble brag?

It is not rational for me to think President Biden could stop a virus…

Daily Mail, Jan 26, 2022

It’s refreshing to see you admit this, Meghan, but something tells me there’s a “but” coming…

…however it is rational for me to believe he would help make the treatment, testing, and overall morale of the country better.

Daily Mail, Jan 26, 2022

My bad! It was a “however,” not a “but.”

If you weren’t sick enough to require hospitalization, what better treatment do you expect? Do you expect the president to come to your house and make chicken noodle soup for you? Maybe Jill can put a cool cloth on your forehead while Joe sings you “Soft Kitty,” while he’s at it.

Maybe that scene would’ve gone something like this:

As for the overall morale of the country, there’s only so much the president can do about that when at least a quarter of the electorate think “Let’s Go Brandon” is something they should put in their Twitter and FB bios and wrap their Christmas presents in.

I still refuse to succumb to the left’s propaganda that America’s greatest days are behind her.

Daily Mail, Jan 26, 2022

That’s not a thing on the left, Meghan. Seriously, you must be listening to some high-grade BS. Maybe you should try stepping out of your Bubble of Bullshit?

That being said, we need an intense and immediate shift away from whatever depression this administration is continuing to let the country experience.

Maybe this is the best that Biden and his administration thinks America has to offer or deserves, but I assure you there will be others out there who do not feel that way. And they will not let this country continue to be this sick – physically, emotionally, financially.

Daily Mail, Jan 26, 2022

Something tells me Meggie is a Ron DeSantis fan. Don’t ask me why…

As always, this is an open thread. Feel free to discuss whatever you like, including your own snarky response to Meghan. And, as always, stay snarky!

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