TNB Night Owl – Forgotten Charters 1985

Guitar, played by Hall and Oates. Image captured by the News Blender.

These aren’t typically tunes that everyone remembers from the eighties. I, for one, had completely forgotten nearly all of them, but once I heard them again they practically screamed 1985. You couldn’t turn the radio on back then without hearing these songs in the weeks they were charting. Most of them have even aged well. Interestingly, in terms of runtime the tracks of that era are longer than songs of earlier eras.

Life In A Northern Town (4:15)
Dream Academy

Broken Wings (4:49)
Mr. Mister

Kyrie (4:17)
Mr. Mister

Kayleigh (4:03)

Alive And Kicking (5:26)
Simple Minds

Obsession (4:02)

Smooth Operator (4:18)

Lay Your Hands On Me (4:10)
Thompson Twins

Everytime You Go Away (4:21)
Paul Young

Silent Running (6:15)
Mike + The Mechanics

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