The Night Owl Presents: Snark Attack, the Episode Where Ashmedai is Taken to the Cleaners

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Sometimes we go down weird rabbit holes without any idea quite how we got there or where we even are. Such is my article tonight.

I saw this tweet which started the whole thing:

So I followed it, because I was desperate for something to snark about tonight, and here we are.

Don’t ask me who “Ashmedai” is — the only info on his substack profile page says: “Uncorrupted by College Education.” Just so you know what we’re in for…

He has 17 reasons why it’s rational for you to distrust the medical community about Covid. Given his #17, one wonders if he thinks you should trust them at all, about anything.

As you can imagine, with 17 reasons, I can’t really go through and snark about everything here, because that would be at least a whole month’s worth of snark.

But let me give you a taste from his introduction:

Another critical point to keep in mind is that even though most of the arguments below only directly apply to part – or even a select few individuals – of the mainstream medical community, they are nevertheless an indictment of the entire medical community.

Sound effect of record violently scratching.

Wait, what? How do his arguments “only directly apply to part — or even a select few individuals” — yet it’s also “an indictment of the entire medical community”? It can’t both be an indictment of a few doctors while also being one against the entire medical community.

Maybe he should’ve taken at least a few college courses…

It is a tightly interwoven, interconnected and insular group that shares information widely through a variety of channels and feedback mechanisms. Information deriving from a corrupted source anywhere in the medical community thus infects the entire medical community. Its insular nature regarding what they consider to be acceptable sources for scientific or medical information means that they largely lack a mechanism for allowing correction of faulty information from an external source.

So his basic argument is that the medical profession lives in its own Bubble of Bullshit. Projection much?

For the most part, I restricted the arguments presented to those that can be made from premises that are objectively true regardless of where one falls regarding the covid vaccines.

Keep this in mind when we get to #17…

Here’s the bullet list of his 17 reasons:

For the following reasons, the medical establishment is unequivocally untrustworthy regarding the vaccines:

  1. The mother of all biases: The medical community bet every ounce of credibility and authority they had on the vaccines being safe and effective, so they cannot afford to ever admit they were wrong should the vaccines ultimately turn out to have real safety issues
  2. The politicization of the medical community
  3. The insistence on a “One Size Fits All” contrary to fundamental medical practice
  4. The lack of consistent evidentiary standards
  5. Few medical professionals including those involved in making policy or opining on the vaccines have any idea how the vaccines work
  6. They got pretty much everything about covid wrong before the vaccines
  7. The failure to treat covid
  8. The lack of critical or independent thinking by anyone in the mainstream medical community
  9. The medical community failed to convey basic risk stratification
  10. Public health officials used wrong information and spurious data to construct pandemic policies
  11. The medical community never admitted that they made serious mistakes
  12. The denial of natural immunity
  13. Censorship and Fraud
  14. They don’t denounce useless and harmful practices derived from their policies and statements
  15. The medical establishment is riddled with massive financial conflicts of interest
  16. Every specific claim made regarding the vaccines so far has ultimately proven to be false
  17. A significant % of the medical community are genuinely evil people

Like I said, #17… yeah. How is that “objectively true regardless of where one falls regarding the covid vaccines”? I mean, we can probably all agree there are asshole doctors, just as there are asshole lawyers, politicians, police officers, teachers… In short, everywhere you’ll find assholes. But genuinely evil? The number of genuinely evil doctors — along with genuinely evil insurance salesmen or pet store owners — is pretty rare. Yet Ashmedai assures us this is objectively true. But he expands on just how they’re objectively evil, so let’s go look…

In numerous cases around the country, hospitals have refused giving deathly ill covid patients Ivermectin, preferring to see them die rather than recover.

A very simple question: What possible reason could hospitals have to go to court to fight patients they themselves had already given up on, and for whom they had no more treatment options, in order to prevent even outside doctors from prescribing a medication that is safer than Tylenol? And even if you can somehow come up with some sort of justification for the first time, once there were a few of these cases on record, surely there is no rational moral basis for not trying Ivermectin on every patient, let alone fighting in court to ensure that the precious few patients whose families have the temerity to demand Ivermectin should be denied lifesaving treatment??

The other side will say, “yes, but there are instances where it worked,” but do we know that? Maybe those patients improved for reasons having nothing to do with Ivermectin. If it was the miracle the right makes it out to be, it seems like more patients would survive after being given it. But what do I know; I was corrupted by college…

Whistleblowers have revealed cruel treatment of patients in Covid wards – negligent treatment, letting them starve to death, put on ventilators without the necessary safeguards in place resulting in their deaths within hours, etc.

I didn’t even find RW blogs talking about this, so… ? Maybe I need to improve my google-fu skills or something?

Why would they quash a potentially effective drug that might save millions of lives if deployed widely, but might result in millions of deaths if denied??

Let’s be clear: he’s saying HCQ and Ivermectin will save millions of people if deployed widely, but if those patients die, then they didn’t really die of Covid, since one of his earlier points was that hospitals are saying they have more Covid patients in order to get that sweet, sweet government money from Uncle Sugar.
My brain just broke trying to figure out that pretzel logic…
He then posts a partial list of lockdown harms from a site called “Rational Grounds.” Among them:
1.5 Billion children have lost access to school.
Doesn’t that depend on how you define “lost access to school”? Does homeschooling not count as school in this point? We don’t know.
2.7 Million additional unsafe abortions.
Some of those thanks to republican efforts to make abortion illegal or difficult to obtain in their states…
Rational Ground didn’t seem to be interested in the costs (both fiscal and human) of the high death rate of Covid. What of all the families plunged into poverty because their breadwinner/s died of the virus? What of the children left orphaned? What of those who died from other ailments because the hospitals were full of Covid patients, leaving few beds for other patients?
I’m tired of the intellectual dishonesty of people who claim to care about those people, yet will do nothing to ensure they have a bed by getting the damn vaccine and using a damn mask.
Very disturbingly, children bore the brunt of the societally calamitous covid policies. Perhaps the most enduring symbol of the pandemic will ultimately be the useless and abusive masking of children. The institutionalization of child abuse through forced masking in schools, lockdowns, quarantines, the inhuman deprivation of sociality — these are unforgivable sins.
“Abusive masking of children.” That says it all, doesn’t it? I’m old enough to remember when corporal punishment was a thing in public schools; most of us can agree that was child abuse. Wearing a mask? Not so much. But what is abusive is grown-ass adults harassing children who are still wearing their masks when they leave school. One guy recently was allegedly coughing and spitting on children for wearing their masks.
And these are all policies that were suggested and implemented by the medical community, who were the driving force behind this unequivocal abomination.
It’s not like doctors wear masks themselves, to prevent the spread of disease. Oh, wait…
For some perspective: Sweden never closed their schools, had no mask policies, and didn’t have a test-and-quarantine regiment. Not one child died and teachers in Sweden tested positive for covid at a slightly lower rate than the occupational average for jobs with a similar covid risk profile.
Yes, let’s refer to Sweden’s actions back in the early months of the pandemic, when they had very few cases there. Since then, they’ve had Covid restrictions and lost over 16,000 Swedes to Covid, including some children.
In Short: A significant portion of the medical community are genuinely evil people responsible for the deaths and suffering of hundreds of millions. The culture of the medical community is sufficiently rotten to the core to not only allow for the ascendance of such evil people to positions of influence and authority, but also celebrate them. Such evil should not be tolerated, nor regarded as an authoritative source for any matter.
It’s far better to rely on one’s intuition and the medical advice of your cousin’s plumber’s brother-in-law on Facebook… As always, this is an open thread, so feel free to discuss whatever you like. You can even go through Ashmedai’s article and snak about the other 16 points I skipped over. Stay snarky, my peeps!

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