The TNB Night Owl Presents: Snark Attack! The Episode About the “Germ Theory” Covid Conspiracy Theory

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So last week in comments, Andrew posted a link to this piece he found on substack, written by Sebastien Powell, who is a product designer and entrepreneur. Which, if you’re looking into Covid and “doing your own research,” why wouldn’t you check out the online thoughts of a guy who knows nothing about epidemiology, immunology, or microbiology — just to name a few areas of expertise that might know a thing or three about viruses and how they spread. But let’s check out what Sebastien has to say.

This series was written in collaboration with Caroline Coram, whom I thank for her valuable contribution – as I do all those who have written books, published articles, and made videos on this important topic (links will be provided at the end).

An Odysee Through “Germ Theory” — part 1

Me: So, I looked up Caroline Coram, thinking, you know, she must be some scientist or other deep thinker whose position on this would be persuasive on the topic.

It turns out she’s a one-time Brexit Party candidate who owns a skincare business. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, mind you, but I don’t think someone who sells the likes of Avon or Mary Kay is going to be someone I look to for my research into Covid-19.

During a trip to London, a cabbie told me that his nephew, who had recently been stabbed to death, had been put down as a ‘COVID’ death. The family had decided to take the NHS trust to court over the matter. Certain prominent individuals who were telling us all to stay home and shelter, appeared to be ignoring their own advice. Various contradictory statements and policies were being put out, and it was becoming clear that something wasn’t quite right.

An Odysee Through ‘Germ Theory’ — Part 1

Me: So, an anonymous, random cabbie told you a story and, well, yeah, that’s obviously compelling evidence that there’s a conspiracy of the elites who are using Covid as a cover to hide what they’re really up to!

Keep in mind, this is the foundation of his premise that something nefarious is being done by the elites, and they’re using “Covid” as an excuse. The structure isn’t going to get any better from here.

Opposition voices around the world started making themselves heard, and a number of them rapidly rose to prominence. Having had to permanently close a business I’d built up over seven years, I joined the ranks of the dissenters – it seemed inconceivable to me that we would shut down all of society for what was clearly just a ‘bad flu’.

An Odysee Through ‘Germ Theory’ — Part 1

Me: So, basically, his argument is “I was harmed by the shutdowns; therefore, this must be a conspiracy of the elites against me and others to make us fail.”

Many of these individuals, such as the authors of the Great Barrington Declaration, were arguing for a “herd immunity strategy”, which involved allowing the ‘virus’ to “rip through society”, whilst protecting “high-risk individuals”.

An Odysee Through ‘Germ Theory’ — Part 1

Me: Gee, how well has that worked out for us?

This discourse led to the formation of two camps; the ‘mainstream’ and ‘opposition’ – or ‘branch covidians’ and ‘covidiots’, as they were disparagingly referred to by one another. The fundamental disagreement between these two factions was not whether or not the ‘virus’ was ‘real’ – it was merely a case of how ‘lethal’ it was, and whether the measures being enacted by governments were legitimate.

An Odysee Through ‘Germ Theory’ — Part 1

Me: Yeah, 900,000 dead Americans in the span of two years isn’t terribly lethal at all… 🙄

As the weeks and months went by, the conversation intensified, and the question of ‘case numbers’ and ‘bogus PCR tests’ started creeping in. It was around that time that various clips of the late Kary Mullis, Nobel prize winner and inventor of the PCR test, began circulating on Social Media.

One of them was a segment extracted from a 1996 interview with Gary Null, where he made some rather uncomplimentary remarks about a certain Dr Anthony Fauci. His remarks struck a code, so I decided to go looking for the full video, which you can find here.

I would highly recommend watching it – it is possibly one of the most interesting interviews I have ever watched, with a man who is quite clearly a brilliant scientist and thinker. Unlike many of the bigwigs that are routinely paraded in front of us, he isn’t pretentious, and is able and willing to have an open, honest and rationale conversation.

An Odysee Through ‘Germ Theory’ — Part 1

Me: Full disclaimer — I didn’t watch the full interview, just the three minute+ excerpt, which you can watch here.

I also won’t go through posting a lot of quotes from the video. Let’s just say, Mullis has an axe to grind regarding Dr. Fauci. But there is this one:

Mullis: You can’t expect the sheep to really respect the best and the brightest. They don’t know the difference, really, I mean, I, I like humans, don’t get me wrong —

PCR Test Inventor Kary Mullis on Fauci, 1996

Me: There’s a “but” coming, isn’t there? There’s always a “but” with these people.

“…but basically, there is a, there is a, there’s a vast, the vast majority of them do not possess the, the ability to judge who is and who isn’t a really good scientist. I mean, that’s a problem, that’s the main problem with science, I’d say, in this century, because science is being judged by people, funding is being done by people who don’t understand it.

PCR Test Inventor Kary Mullis on Fauci, 1996

Me: Mullis’s words are dripping with contempt throughout the excerpt. It’s clear he doesn’t like Fauci, and it’s a personal as well as professional dislike. So, he may not be the most reliable narrator to tell us why we shouldn’t believe Fauci, particularly when every criticism here is vague and general.

Mullis strikes me as a real-life Sheldon Cooper, who may be brilliant in his area of expertise, but outside it, he may not be the best authority. And, like Sheldon, he thinks most people — including experts like Fauci — are sheep who aren’t fit to recognize his brilliance.

It’s obvious why the Covid conspiracists have latched onto Kary Mullis, and it’s convenient, since he’s dead now. That doesn’t make him right when judging other people, though.

For the record, Mullis is a scientist who questioned the idea that HIV causes AIDS. Again, I’m not a scientist; I don’t even pretend to understand in-depth science topics. Mullis and someone else Powell cites — Peter Duesberg — have been contrarians on this topic since the late 1980s. i.e., back when we were just beginning to study HIV/AIDS and what causation there might be between the two. From what I can tell in a quick search, much of what Duesberg claimed has been debunked. Now, maybe that’s just what the PTBs say, and it really hasn’t been debunked-debunked. You’ll have to look into that for yourselves.

But the reference to Peter Duesberg leads Powell to mention Dawn Lester and David Parker, who wrote a book called, “What Really Makes You Ill?: Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Disease Is Wrong.”

For the record, Dawn is an accountant, and David is an electrical engineer.

Because, honestly, why wouldn’t you accept the musings of an accountant and an electrical engineer over the word of, you know, people who are actual microbiological scientists and junk?

And this is where everything goes really off the rails. Because we’ve reached the point where we’re questioning whether germs are real and maybe something else isn’t really behind the whole Covid-19 thing.

Spoiler alert: according to Caroline Corwan, apparently “Covid-19” is actually the cover for radiation poisoning. You remember Caroline, the woman who owns a skincare business? I mean, when I ask myself, “Who should I consult about radiation poisoning?” the answer is invariably: a failed politician who sells skincare products.

I’d never heard of ‘germ theory’ before. It is the theory that certain microorganisms – namely ‘viruses’ and bacteria, to cause disease in certain individuals by ‘infecting’ them. I was fascinated by what I was reading, and over the following weeks and months, proceeded to read and watch every book, article, and video on the subject I could find.

I shared these findings with others who were sceptical of the COVID narrative, but to my great surprise found that many of them weren’t interested. If ‘germ theory’ was incorrect, I was told, it would mean ‘undoing’ more than 100 years of ‘science’. Too many smart people had been working in this field for too long – it couldn’t possibly be untrue. I realised at this point that ‘germ theory’ is perhaps one of the most deeply entrenched dogmas in our society. The tight grip it holds on the public consciousness is perhaps best illustrated by Dr Auguste Lutaud, in his scathing critique of Louis Pasteur: “in France, one can be an anarchist, a communist or a nihilist, but not an anti-Pasteurian”

An Odysee Through ‘Germ Theory’ — Part 1

Me: So, yeah, now he’s attacking Pasteur. You know this is going to be crazy, right?

For the record, Auguste Lutaud was a leading gynecologist of his time and one of Pasteur’s detractors.

Remember what I said about Mullis? It probably applies here to Lutaud when talking about Pasteur.

Also, it’s pretty funny that even among the anti-Covid peeps, they think the “germ theory” conspiracy is a bridge too far. You know you’re living smack dab in the center of crazy town when the crazies think you’re cuckoo for cocoa puffs…

For many, it is inconceivable that so many ‘experts’ have got it so wrong. And yet, it’s not that hard to see how a situation such as this could arise. Take the analogy of a newly built house. The painters and decorators do not bother checking that the foundations are sound when they come do the decorating, because they naturally assume that those who came before them did a good job.

An Odysee Through ‘Germ Theory’ — Part 1

Me: It’s funny he uses this analogy about questioning the foundation. Remember how this article started? Yeah, two can play that game.

I have come to the realisation that the ‘germ theory’ of disease, has caused untold misery and suffering to both humans and animals, and has done for a very long time. Critics like to point fingers at the ‘pharmaceutical industry’, or more broadly, the ‘medical establishment’, and these entities are indeed the obvious beneficiaries – one does not need to be blessed with any special knowledge, qualifications or intelligence to figure out that the ‘one germ = one disease = one treatment’ paradigm presents a highly lucrative commercial opportunity, which may, in part, explain why this theory has become the dominant one.

But ‘germ theory’ is so much more than a pseudo-scientific cult, used to prop up a money making racket. As we have now all seen first hand, it also provides the perfect pretext for the ‘powers that be’ to get away with just about anything they want.

An Odysee Through ‘Germ Theory’ — Part 1

Me: Like I said… crazy-pants. This is all about the global elite using “germs” to cover their tracks for all manner of atrocities!

My objective in this series is to share my findings in a clear and concise manner, and hopefully start to build awareness of the fraud this system is built on, in the hopes that we can bring it down. I am convinced we would all be much better off without it

One of the challenges when discussing this topic is that all manner of sophistry is relentlessly used to bamboozle us into believing that we are either stupid, or lack the necessary qualifications to understand the genius of the ideas we are being presented with. ‘Ad hominem’ attacks are frequently leveraged against anyone who raises their head above the parapet.

An Odysee Through ‘Germ Theory’ — Part 1

Me: Let’s see, he’s used a skincare products vendor, an accountant, an electrical engineer, an anonymous cabbie, and a dead Nobel prize-winning scientist with a personal grudge against Fauci to sell us on the notion that “germs” aren’t really the cause of disease.

This is totally normal and not at all crazy. Forget I said that. Forget I even suggested that.

On the surface, it is complex and daunting, but this is clearly by design – it puts people off from asking questions or digging too deep. But you do not need to be a genius to understand any of the concepts or ideas that will be presented. Just like you do not need to know how a car works to know that a crooked salesmen is trying to swindle you. All you need to do is to apply common sense, and basic logic. Trial by jury, a key pillar of our criminal justice system, runs on the principle that the average person, when presented with evidence in a clear, succinct manner, should be able to assess it and deliberate with others, and come to a sensible conclusion as to whether or not a defendant is guilty as charged. The exact same principle can be applied here.

An Odysee Through ‘Germ Theory’ — Part 1

Me: Except in trial by jury, you don’t have a skincare vendor, an accountant, or an electrical engineer arguing your case. You still use a qualified attorney.

But maybe that’s just me…

The establishments’ attack dogs in the media and elsewhere also like to make straw men out of the arguments that are put forth. They will claim that those who ask probing questions and point out the obvious flaws in their ideology are ‘stupid’ or are ‘denying science’. They’ll also say we are ‘denying’ the existence of a given ‘virus’ or that people have got sick and died. These are the classic tell-tale signs that you are dealing with people who have lost the argument. Why do they behave like this? It’s no surprise however – because if their grand theory is proven to be false – it will be end of their system. The significance of this is difficult to fathom.

An Odysee Through ‘Germ Theory’ — Part 1

Me: Damn, he found me out! Mr. Soros, please don’t send me my check this month, because I totally didn’t earn it. I failed!

2.) If I cannot find the original source for something, I usually prefer not to include it – even if it backs up whatever it is I’m saying. As an example – it is widely claimed that Pasteur, on his deathbed said “Béchamp avait raison, le microbe n’est rien, le terrain est tout.” (translation: Béchamp was right, the germ is nothing, the terrain is everything). Sometimes, it is Claude Bernard (another of Pasteur’s contemporaries) who’s name is cited. I think it is possible that Pasteur came to realise, in the end, that his life’s work was built on a flawed premise. However, because I am unable to find proof that he did in fact, say this, I choose not to include it anywhere.

An Odysee Through ‘Germ Theory’ — Part 1

Here’s the thing: Pasteur never said that. Had Sebastien included the complete quote, his audience would also know that. What’s the complete quote, you ask?

Béchamp a raison, le microbe n’est rien, c’est le terrain qui est tout, Pasteur est fou!

The last phrase translates as: Pasteur is crazy! The quote is attributed to Claude Bernard. From what I could see on a web search (and my search wasn’t exhaustive, so it’s possible I missed something), the only person who has ever attempted to attribute that quote to Pasteur himself is our friend Sebastien.

Naughty, naughty!

And why did he leave that out? Well, we all know why, don’t we? Because it’s much more compelling to make up a story that Pasteur renounced his own theories as he lay dying than admit someone else said that. “But why would he lie?”

Because he knows his audience isn’t going to fact-check his ass.

As always, this is an open thread, so feel free to talk about anything you’d like. If you want to add your own snarky comments, I heartily encourage it. Stay snarky, everyone!

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