TNB Night Owl – Happy St. Patty’s Day

Irish clover, an icon of Ireland. Author unknown.

For some reason, I’m feeling my Irish roots more so than usual. All week I’ve worn green, at first coincidently, then with a sense of purpose: this can only mean that leprechauns and unicorns are out and about causing mischief. They say that everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, so join the celebration!

For dinner tonight, I’m having corned beef and potatoes – a favorite of mine that my wife fixes for me semi-regularly throughout the year – lucky me! It would be perfect if we had cabbage to go with it as well but, alas, we don’t. However, sauerkraut will do in a pinch and it goes almost as well with corned beef.

Here’s a short but interesting vid, none of which I’d heard before: “American Slang Words Created By The Irish” (1:52)

Enough of my blarney. Time for some Irish music to sing and dance with. These are selections from the album Another Sky by Altan, a famous Irish Folk/Traditional band. Of course, there are hundreds of great Irish performers. I chose this group because I have the CD and love the music.

“Beidh Aonach Amárach (There’s a Fair Tomorrow)” (Trad. Irish) – 4:20

“The King of Meenasillagh/Lamey’s/The High Fiddle Reel” (Trad./Mairéad Ni Mhaonaigh) – 2:49

“Gusty’s Frolics/Con’s Slip Jig/The Pretty Young Girls of Carrick/The Humours of Whiskey” (Trad.) – 5:07

“The Dispute at the Crossroads/Columba Ward’s/ Siuns Reel” (Trad/Ciaran Tourish) – 3:18

“The Ookpik Waltz” (Trad.) – 4:47

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