Snark Attack: Nibbled to Death by Snark

12 October Carp Tail (second version) Photo by Howard J.

I’ve got a nice lineup of snark canapes for you to nibble on today. So let’s get started.

Up first, Marsha Blackburn. Because we gotta start somewhere, right?

Maybe because inflation and high gas prices are caused by many factors which the President has no control over?

Again, my apologies to America that this person represents my state.

Maybe because when Judge Jackson was being asked these nitwit questions, she thought she was trapped in an unfunny SNL sketch?

Meanwhile, here’s a funny SNL sketch featuring Marsha Blackburn:

Fake (but might as well be real) Marsha Blackburn: If you don’t know what a woman is, how are you gonna take her rights away?


Next up, Ted Cruz…

First off, kudos on the feigned outrage in this performance, Ted. It was gripping, and totally believable and not fake AT ALL.

Second, it’s pretty funny when fauxservatives talk about the other side wanting to control every aspect of our lives when y’all think you should be telling women what they can do with their bodies, and whether teachers can talk about people being gay. Please just shove a cactus where the sun don’t shine, Lyin’ Ted. And be sure to do it sideways.

It’s amusing he’s hysterically going on about how the left wants to redefine what a woman is. Not like the right, which seems to think all women are good for is pushing out babies and making sammiches.

Next up: Matt Gaetz.

Just curious… which party was in charge in Florida when Disney got this special tax loophole benefit? It’s not like the GOP was against taking their money to sell them that power, right?

“Big business shouldn’t be able to use political influence and power to avoid paying their fair share.” Someone sounds butthurt that Disney won’t be donating the big bucks to him and his party any time soon.

Jim Banks:

They’re not voting to throw Scavino and Navarro in jail “purely for their politics and who they worked for.” They’re voting because they defied a subpoena to appear, asshole. But, sure, let’s bluster and blow bullshit while we threaten to do exactly what we’re claiming democrats are doing now once the GOP returns to power.

Here’s Laura Ingraham gaslighting America, claiming that no one on the right is calling anyone who disagrees with them pedophiles.

Meanwhile, Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted out that 3 fellow republicans were “pro-pedophile” for voting to confirm Judge Jackson to the Supreme Court and called democrats a “party of pedophiles.”

And then there’s this:

But, yeah, Laura, nobody’s saying that…

Rachel Hamm, who’s running for Secretary of State in California proudly supports what most republicans claim they aren’t doing: making it harder for people to vote.

I just can’t even. I really can’t…

Ron DeSantis, because we can’t have a post about the stupid without him, right?

This isn’t just stupid, it’s appallingly unamerican. But, hey, he believes he’s entitled to tell voters in a neighboring state who they should vote for and threatening them with a “cold war” if they vote improperly.

Okay, my head aches from all this stupid, so I’m closing out this post. As always, this is an open thread, keep your arms and legs in the car until the ride is over, and stay snarky, my Blender peeps!

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