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The news these days is often depressing at worst and frustrating at best. It’s easy to let it get us down. Never fear… The News Blender has you covered. Once a week we feature Something Good and, in return, all you have to do is tell us something good that has happened to you this week, something you are thankful for, a joke, a cute animal story, an inspiring tale of heroics, a Random Act of Kindness… SOMETHING good.

Today’s something good is the helpers.

Brian and Sharon Holowaychuks are the new owners of a beautiful resort called the Grouse Nest in Vancouver. They were in the midst of renovating the 15,000 square foot resort, set on 33 hectares of forested land that overlooks a pristine lake, into an art gallery and event center. But those plans were abruptly brought to a halt when Russia invaded Ukraine in late February.

Brian’s grandparents came from Ukraine so the cause of helping Ukrainians fleeing from the war is near and dear to the Holowaychuks. Brian told Global News, “We’re in a position, in a place, in a time where we could help make a bit of a difference. And I thought, you know, it’s time to stand up and be counted.”

Some of the renovations that had already been done were quickly undone by volunteers in order to shelter up to 100 Ukrainians as they arrive in Canada. The resort has been renamed “Ukrainian Safe Haven” and will offer a safe place to stay for as long as is needed, as well as food, transportation, and education. The families will also be provided with assistance with the process of settling into their new country.

Local volunteers have been offering their help with the hasty remodeling and an attorney named Stewart Johnston has offered his time free of charge to register the project as a non-profit. “This is an extremely important cause and I’m really impressed with what they’re doing to help,” Johnston said. “I wanted to help out.”

There are 19 refugees booked to stay at the Haven and will be arriving soon. Brian and Sharon hope to have the space prepared for many more families in the near future. They are accepting donations and support on their website.

Jumping in to help those in need is a good thing. Now it’s your turn… Tell me something good!

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