The Smorgasbord — Easter Traditions of Several Lands

The well known Easter eggs used for decoration during the Easter holidays are still used in Poland, and treated not only as a symbol of Earth to celebrate spring, but also as a symbol of resurrection. Photo by Vladimir Alexiev.

Rather than be snarky this holy weekend, I wanted to be a bit lighter and more positive. So today, I wanted to share a few videos I found on YouTube where people are talking about their country’s Easter traditions.

We’ll start with Feli from Germany, who does many videos discussing the differences between traditions and culture in her native Germany and the US, where she’s lived for the past six years. Did you know they have a law in Germany that you can’t dance on Good Friday? Well, now you do!

We leave Feli to visit with a man who grew up in America’s South (but has no Southern accent. What’s up with that, dude?) and currently lives in Poland. He shares various Polish Easter traditions, which are really interesting!

The previous video mentions Pisanki eggs, so I found this video sharing a bit about how to make your own:

Ukrainians have their own version of Pysanky, which is a different technique than depicted in the video above:

PYSANKY – Amazing Ukrainian Eggs – Egg Art from Ukraine – YouTube

And in case you haven’t gotten enough egg decorating, here’s something else you can do: egg carving!

Rick Steves shows us Easter traditions from a handful of European countries in this video:

Easter in Finland. He spends a lot of time talking about Mammi, which, according to him, is the best Finnish dessert ever. Personally, it sounded kinda bleh to me.

And finally, this funny guy from Sweden, talking about their Easter traditions. He’s dressed like an Easter witch.

Have a happy and very blessed Easter, everyone! As always, this is an open thread, so feel free to talk about anything you like, including your favorite Easter traditions. What do you have for Easter dinner? Do you hide eggs? Which of these traditions from other countries do you want to add to your own festivities next year? I like the sound of those giant hollow chocolate eggs filled with presents!

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