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Nilsson, as he was best known back in the day, was a bigger deal than the number of hits that he had might suggest. The critical acclaim he received outweighed his commercial success. A reporter asked The Beatles, in 1968, who their favorite American music group was. “Nilsson” was their answer. Ringo and John later became close friends with Harry. Ringo and Harry frequently partied together, collaborated on an album, and made a movie. John produced one of Harry’s later albums. After John was murdered in 1980, Harry took a long break from music to spend his time working for gun control.

Harry didn’t mind covering other band’s tunes, including Beatles’ songs. As a songwriter, his greatest may be “One”, the song that Three Dog Night made famous.

You Can’t Do That (2:17)

One (2:54)

Everybody’s Talkin’ (2:33)

The Puppy Song (2:43)

Me and My Arrow (2:06)

Without You (3:24)

Jump into the Fire (3:34)

Coconut (3:52)

As Time Goes By (3:27)

Daybreak (3:08)

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