TNB Night Owl — It’s Kolo Time!

Ansambl narodnih igara i pesama Srbije KOLO (Ensemble of folk dances and songs of Serbia KOLO). Photo by Inga Cvijanovic

This isn’t a snark post, because sometimes you just have to change things up and have some fun. And tonight, our fun is dancing! Specifically, we’re going to dance the Kolo!

What’s the Kolo, you might ask. Good question! Here’s a video about it from Unesco:

There are different styles of Kolos, based on location. Here are videos teaching you how to dance a couple of varaiations:

According to the Unesco video, people will dance the Kolo at weddings, graduations, and other celebrations. They do it to maintain a sense of community, in spite of religious or ethnic differences. The closest thing America seems to have is the Chicken Dance…

When I first looked up Kolos, this video taken at a wedding reception was the first to come up. The girls are dancing barefooted!

Here’s a folklore group in the Serbian army dancing the Kolo in combat boots (they’re doing two different Kolos here; the second is the more interesting of the two):

Nuns dancing the Kolo:

Kolo dancing in the street:

Kolo with a big band sound:

So take some time to do your own happy dance. Maybe it’s a Kolo, maybe it’s the Chicken Dance. Or maybe it’s just doing some chair-dancing.

As always, this is an open thread, so feel free to talk about anything you want. What’s your favorite dance? What’s your favorite kind of music to dance to?

Oh, and btw, Sunday’s noir film is “Night and the City.” You can catch it at 12:30 AM and 10:00 AM Sunday morning on TCM. (All times Eastern, check your local listings.)

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