TNB Night Owl — Snark Attack: The Very Latest in Biden Scandals!

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Today I had my second booster, and Tiff suggested I could take it easy. But I just couldn’t bring myself to shortchange you of my snarky goodness, so here we are. (I’m nice like that.)

You may be wondering what the very latest in Biden scandals is; that’s why you have me, so I can wade through the stupid, so you don’t have to. It’s called “Bunnygate,” and as you might guess, it happened on Monday, during the White House Easter Egg Hunt and Roll. Or whatever they call that shindig.

It seems a “journalist” (the sarcasti-quotes may or may not be warranted here, but I decided to err on the side of caution) asked the president a question while the kiddies were enjoying the activities. Biden answered, something about Afghanistan, and was soon whisked away by the Easter Bunny. Here’s the tweet (with embedded video) which started the whole thing:

Not unlike the recent “Biden shook hands with empty air!” scandal, this is largely created in the minds of the broken people who hate Biden with a blinding, white-hot passion for no reason other than he’s president and Trump isn’t. Basically, this is a story of a game of telephone for stupid, disingenuous people.

And as you can further guess, the initial story grew in the course of the telling and retelling until according to my husband, it was the Easter Bunny’s girlfriend who whisked him away while he was blathering about Afghanistan to a bunch of kids for no apparent reason other than he’s a doddering old fool who has no idea where he is at any given moment.

And in case you think I’m exaggerating, here are just a few highlights from RW media about this scandalous scandal which proves, once and for all, that Biden’s a crazy, senile old coot.

You’ll notice that she seems to be pointing somewhere? According to the Fox news article, it’s because he needed to blow the whistle to start another egg roll race.

But, sure, they can’t have him going off-script and answering reporters’ questions… SMDH. I especially liked how, according to the Fox story, he was “visibly annoyed” as he was led away. I polled Tiff while I was writing this to get her take, and neither of us thought he looked annoyed. But, hey! They’ve got to embellish this nothingburger story to justify all the airtime they’re devoting to it. And, yeah… they’ve been talking about it a lot over on Fox, giving it the “Bunnygate” label.

Breitbart’s take is he just wandered around and started talking to people. Yeah, let’s just overlook the inconvenient part of the story that he was answering a reporter’s question…

WION (whoever they are) puts it like this:

At one point, Biden also began to remark on global matters. The Easter Bunny, on the other hand, cut him off.

The president was seen in a video discussing Afghanistan and Pakistan.

WION, April 19, 2021

Yeah, he just started expounding to the air about global affairs. Because he’s a senile coot!

See how easy it is to make up shit?

The Blaze’s headline: Biden suffers another CRINGE moment as Easter Bunny directs him away from crowd

Video shows President Biden discussing Afghanistan and Pakistan with the crowd before the Easter Bunny runs in to frantically get Biden’s attention, stepping in between Biden and the crowd. The crowd chuckles as the bunny leads Biden away before he’s able to make any further statements.

The Blaze, April 18, 2022

Yeah, he just decided to lecture the crowd about Afghanistan and Pakistan, for no apparent reason. And the crowd laughed at the crazy old man who was crazy.

The only cringing I’m doing is just how low the RW media will sink to create a false narrative out of thin air…

Seriously, what is so broken in these people that they hate Biden the way they do? Biden Derangement Syndrome is real, and these people have a really bad case of it…

I could go on and on (because the RW media certainly has about this), but you get the idea. If you want to see more of the right’s coverage of this, check out this article at Media Matters. It’s everything you’d expect from the RW media, and even more.

Did you see any of the BS the RW media embroidered into this story? What did you see? Who looks worse, Biden, or the RW media covering him?

As always, this is an open thread, so feel free to talk about whatever you like. Stay snarky, my Blender peeps!

P.S. Remember, Sunday’s noir movie is 1949’s “The Window,” which airs on TCM at 12:15 AM and 10AM Sunday.

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