TNB Night Owl — Snark Attack Bids a Not-So-Fond Farewell to Madison Cawthorn

12 October Carp Tail (second version) Photo by Howard J.

Yes, I know he isn’t gone now. We might never be rid of him. But we’re going to celebrate small victories when we reach them, and this is a victory.

Now, I’m going to be perfectly honest with you. After his reasonable action of conceding the race to his opponent, and this hopeful tweet, I thought maybe Cawthorn had turned a corner.

It didn’t take long for him to change his tune…

Like so many, Madison is unable to learn from his mistakes. He tried to trade his current constituents for a new group, which didn’t go over too well back in the 11th. (Where he eventually ended up once again. That’s kinda awkward…) And when those constituents needed his assistance after flooding in August 2021 — well, I was going to say “he left them high and dry,” but he actually left them drowning. Yes, there might’ve been members of the GOP elite who went after young Maddie after he went on that podcast talking about the cocaine sex orgies that the average old Rs engage in. (And that’s pretty disgraceful if that was his worst political sin, as far as party leadership was concerned.) This article has a good overview of the many reasons he lost — none of which are because not enough R leaders had his back.

Rather than accept he was bad at his job and managed to get himself fired from it, he’s already — two days after the election — pointing a finger of blame at others. It wasn’t the establishment’s guns he needed to worry about. It was his constituents turning their backs on him that should’ve been his primary (Heh. See what I did there?) concern.

The tweeter people on tweeter had some thoughts:

All joking aside, Cawthorn decided to go a lot darker on this Instagram post:

“Dark MAGA” is code for using violence to get their way. In other words, civil war. So Cawthorn has staked out his new path; he’s decided to continue pushing divisiveness and setting Americans against their fellow Americans, all in the name of fake “patriotism.” And he’d like to start with everyone in the GQP who didn’t have his back. So… circular firing squad, anyone? But don’t get too comfortable, because once he and his Ultra Dark MAGA pals are done purging the RINOS and quislings from within, they’re coming after the rest of us.

Essentially, Callow Cawthorn’s proven on Thursday that he never should’ve been entrusted with power, and he should never again be allowed to wield power, because he will abuse his authority.

As always, my Blender friends, this is an open thread, so discuss whatever you like. Or post more tweets making fun of Maddie.

Finally: This Sunday’s film noir is “My Name Is Julia Ross.” This is a pretty good one, even though it wildly diverges from the novel on which it’s based.

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