Supreme Court Overturns Roe and Casey…

My first glass of wine. Photo by Tiff...

Well, the Supreme Court did exactly what we thought they would do and overturned Roe and Casey.

And they did it on my 21st wedding anniversary.

This decision isn’t shocking. And I’ll be 100 percent frank with you. I have barely made it past page 2.


Because nobody wins today.

Justice Thomas pdf page 119.


Nobody wins.

I will try and continue reading it, maybe, not today…

Did I mention I’m also on vacation?

And it didn’t take long for a man possibly–most likely running for President in 2024 to weigh-in…

Also, here’s another thing; so what will liberal states do to counter the republican led states?

My hot take; abortion at anytime possibly for “free” for any reason whatsoever without any hurdles.

That’s how come nobody wins today…

Short-time thinking sides versus what is best for the majority versus best for some.

That’s the 2020’s in America.

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