TNB Night Owl — Snark Attack Presents Snark Bites, Because You Can’t Stop at Just One

12 October Carp Tail (second version) Photo by Howard J.

So much to snark about, so little time… Also, it’s my birthday, and I’m shamelessly mentioning it since I write the article. Ha!

First up, Kandiss Taylor:

This chick’s a few nuts shy of an economy box of peanut brittle…

Next up, Christian Walker:

Christian Walker is totes not gay. He just likes having sex with men, but that doesn’t mean he’s gay! STOP SAYING HE’S GAY!!!!

And in the irony category:

You might want to ask Christian Walker about that. Also, Marge, why should you care how much corporations are spending to promote Pride Month?

Steven Crowder, because it’s been too long since he was included in a round-up:

How do you demonstrate you’re a partisan hack who will say anything to please your fanbase without admitting you’re a partisan hack who will say anything to please your fan base?

I used to think this guy was smart…

The entire world would be experiencing that ghastly silence, Tom…

Some guy running for Congress who thought this was a mic drop moment:

I bet that took his comms team days to craft such a nuanced message!

Tomi Lahren:

Apparently, Tomi is only bothered when brown people violate our borders. She’s fine if they violate the borders of other countries. Because America First is all about making brown people some other country’s problem, not ours…

Benny Johnson:

Yes, exactly like the KGB… SMDH. This is the kind of stupid take I expect from people who don’t know anything about history or geopolitics. Get crossed up with the KGB and see how things go for ya, sport!

In the “D-list star of a 90s syndicated series thinks he should weigh in on politics, because he can’t get a traffic ticket in Hollywood” category, Kevin Sorbo has some thoughts:

Something tells me Kevin is only referring to politicians of the D party…

Remember, snark or die! This is an open thread, so feel free to discuss whatever you like.

Also, the noir film this week is “Out of the Past.” If you asked someone to give some examples of the best of the genre, OotP would definitely be among them. So you won’t want to miss it! Movie will air Saturday night around midnight and Sunday morning at 10:00 AM eastern.

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