(Open Thread) Snark Bites! The One Featuring a Bunch of Liars

12 October Carp Tail (second version) Photo by Howard J.

Which is pretty much every one of my snark articles, isn’t it?

So tell me in the comments below who’s the biggest liar today!

Up first, Lyin’ Ted Cruz:

If Joe Biden is failing to enforce our border, then how is it we’re detaining illegal immigrants there every day and stopping shipments of illegal drugs?

Next up… well, this is more an inadvertent truth than a lie. It’s also hilarious…

Because, if you’re doing it right, dude, you’ll know she’s enjoying herself. If you’re really good, the whole building will know. 😉

It’s pretty funny that the right is always going on about how feminized leftie men are, but Shapiro and his guest might want to look in a mirror.

Okay, you can blame Tiff, because she found more from Ben and other RWers who apparently don’t know how to please their women. These tweets might be a couple of years old, but they certainly explain why republicans want to legislate what happens in your bedroom. (Hint: it’s because they’re jealous of how much fun the rest of us are having that they aren’t.)

It’s sad these girly-men can’t even get a woman to fake an orgasm with them, much less actually have one. Speaking as a heterosexual female who thoroughly enjoys sex and enthusiastically participates in it, you might want to try a sex manual for some pointers…

Jim Jordan…

Here’s the thing, Jim. The Ohio state legislature has already come down on this issue, and their answer was, “Yes, she should have the baby.” Way to pass the buck, though, dude!

Eric Swalwell has a reply to Jim Jordan:

Swalwell isn’t wrong. ICYMI: the AG for the state of IN is threatening to prosecute the doctor who performed that abortion. If the GOP wasn’t the party of forced pregnancy for little girls, that wouldn’t be happening.

Speaking of the IN AG:

Apparently, only illegal immigrants rape children. Who knew? Also, the doctor is an “abortion activist.” I guess she forced that little girl to get the abortion…

Ron DeSantis:


Wendy Rogers apparently thinks it’s a jolly good idea to just eliminate the voter’s will…

Matt Gaetz:

Yes, the problem is democrats…

The House republicans:

You see, the democrats are being “inflammatory” to suggest there might ever be a ban on travel for pregnant women, even though a number of republican-controlled state houses are currently considering passing such measures.

As I said in a comment last night:

Roe, Roe, Roe your vote, people.

And finally, Tucker Carlson, who insists Putin isn’t a war criminal…

I’m just going to leave this link here.

Okay, stay snarky, my Blender peeps! And tomorrow’s noir film is Scarlett Street!

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