(Open Thread) OCD Jukebox — Dave Brubek

Jukebox. Photo by liz west.

Dave Brubek is one of those composer/performers who revolutionized jazz with his mind-bending rhythms. So today we’re gonna do a little overview of some of his most famous songs with a few cover versions.

Golden Brown

I’m starting with “Golden Brown,” not because it’s his most famous song, but I really want you to listen to this set, if you don’t listen to anything else on the jukebox today. This is a pretty fun grouping…

Dave Brubek’s version:

The Stranglers’ version:

Now for something a little different, we have punk rock group The Stranglers with their cover of the song. This is their original music video version:

The Mariachis

Yes, this is a mariachi version of the song. Lots of fun! At the time of this recording, the group was called Mariachi Mexteca, but they have since changed their name. And their guest is Hugh Cornwell, lead singer of The Stranglers.

Take Five

Okay, so now let’s move on to Brubek’s most famous song (which he didn’t compose, his saxophonist did).

Dave Brubek’s version:

Hey, did you know there’s lyrics to “Take Five”? Here are a couple of those:

Abi Flynn

Abi gives a really solid performance on this!

Les Nuages:

A string cover with singer. Nice jazz fiddle in this arrangement.

Al Jarreau:

We’ll end the “Take Five” section with Al Jarreau’s version.

Unsquare Dance

Two versions from Brubek; the original album cut first, then a live performance with counts and a different arrangement.

Kyle Ludovice:

Electric guitar cover.

Niki Gehrer and Kajetan Enge:

Gehrer plays the vibraphone, marimba, and drum, while Enge plays the bass in this cover.

Blue Rondo a la Turk

Dave Brubek:


Piano Synthesia cover. I like seeing the notes about the hands on the keyboard…

MaGiCo Guitar Trio:

Very enjoyable flamenco style guitar cover.

Closing out the performances for today, Al Jarreau again, with another lyric version of the song:

If you want to know more about Dave Brubek and how he changed jazz, here’s a video:

Hope you enjoyed today’s jukebox. Remember, tomorrow’s noir film is “Money Madness,” and you can find the entire film for free on YouTuber.

As always, this is an open thread, so discuss whatever you like in the comments down below.

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