(Open Thread) Snark Bites and the Affidavit Round-Up!

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So yesterday I got to spend time with my younger sister, along with her daughter and granddaughter. Three generations of our particular brand of Cuckoo-Crazy in one town! We had fun, let me tell you.

And now I’m feeling kinda lazy and laid back. It’s hard to snark when you’re feeling happy and relaxed; but I’m a professional, so…

And yet, here we are. Nearly three weeks since the raid. We’ve also now seen the search warrant and the affidavit which justified it. It was bad enough they defended him when they didn’t know what he’d done. What’s their excuse now that they do?

Ponder on that…

This is 44 seconds of all kinds of insanity from John Yoo, Former Deputy Assistant AG

Here’s the transcription, with my snark, intermixed:

JOHN YOO: Uh, made a good point, Neil. If all the Justice Department and the White House and the intelligence agencies want is the documents back, well, they’ve got ’em back. And now that they’ve got ’em back, they shouldn’t be pressing forward with any kind of investigation; it’s over.

Me: Sure, sure. The bank robbers already gave us back the money they stole, guys. We really don’t need an investigation at this point. And charges? What’s to charge, since they gave back the money?

JOHN YOO: That’s why I don’t think there’s any real block, other than declassifying, making the affidavit actually more fully public. Why not declassify the documents they actually took from President Trump and show the public what they were? The government really feels that this was a national security threat for President Trump to have these documents, then let’s see them in a sanitized form!

Me: What part of “classified” is unclear to you? Also, after the raid, they demanded to see the search warrant which led to the raid. They were given that as well as the property receipt of what was taken. Then they demanded to see the affidavit which led a magistrate to sign off on the raid. That was released yesterday. And now? They’re literally asking to see the documents which were the reason for the raid.

Caving into their idiotic demands never convinces them, because all they’re looking for is a reason to complain and pretend Trump isn’t guilty in this latest “witch hunt.”

Did Jesse Watters stop saying the FBI planted evidence after the search warrant and property receipts were released? No, he didn’t. Because he doesn’t want to be convinced. He doesn’t want his audience to be convinced. That’s not why they make these demands. This is all about goal post-shifting, and trying to play “gotcha.” And, if at any point, officialdom balks at these requests? Well, then. That’s obviously proof of a Deep State coverup!

See how this works?

JOHN YOO: And, if they really aren’t that dangerous [WTAF?], then maybe President Trump really has a good point.

Me: This guy used to be the Deputy Assistant AG. Think about that…

You aren’t helping your case by pretending classified documents probably shouldn’t be classified. Moreover, among the boxes, Trump had documents with the HIGHEST classification. He had documents having to do with human intelligence (i.e. spies and informants). So this isn’t some minor thing that really didn’t need to be classified.

Seriously. Stop defending the indefensible. Stop defending Trump for his treason. Just STOP.

We had so many human assets killed, captured, or compromised during the Trump admin that the CIA put out a cable on the subject.

It’s probably just a coincidence Trump illegally had possession of classified documents about that topic…

Oh, right. About Jesse Watters:

See? His narrative wasn’t going to change, because we all received evidence to disprove it. He just keeps on singing the same old tune.

What’s embarrassing, Jesse, is the depths to which you’ll stoop in order to serve the Orange Dumbsicle.

Don’t be like John Yoo and Jesse Watters!

Let’s not overlook there was a Russian (?) spy at MAL…

“I think there is some misunderstanding,” she said.

She said that she was meeting with FBI agents on Aug. 19 and that passports or driver’s licenses generated with the Rothschild name and her photo were fabricated by her former business partner to harm her. “That’s all fake, and nothing happened,” she said.

Inventing Anna: The Tale of a Fake Heiress, Mar-a-Lago and an FBI Investigation, Aug 26, 2022

“Officer, I don’t know how that crack got in my pocket. These are my cousin’s pants…”

I put a question mark there because we don’t know (at least I haven’t seen anything suggesting it) which country she’s working for. But what’s troubling is a woman of murky past could easily get into MAL and do who knows what…

As always, this is an open thread, so feel free to discuss anything you like. Tomorrow we’ll be discussing “A Woman’s Vengeance.” Be sure to watch it at the provided link, without commercials and with high quality image!

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