TNB Night Owl — Snark Attack Gets the Paddle Out

12 October Carp Tail (second version) Photo by Howard J.

Last night President Joe Biden gave a speech wherein he called out MAGA republicans. You can imagine the reaction this prompted by the hit dogs. Here’s but one example:

And here’s BingoBongo with another:

No, Dan, Joe Biden did NOT incite violence against American citizens; but I can see how you’d make that “mistake.” After all, your entire job is about instilling anger and fear in your gullible base, because keeping them voting R through fear and anger is all the GOP has.

I’m really tired of the “Fuck Joe Biden/Fuck Your Feelings” crowd whining about Biden’s lack of unity when he calls them out for what they are. So let me give you a list of how to tell whether or not President Biden was addressing you or not.

If you were silent or even cheered when Trump maligned people or called them names (like referring to the press as the “Enemy of the People”), but you attack Biden for calling you semi-fascists, then, yeah… he’s talking about you.

Oh, and for the record, the right is pretty loose with calling people fascists, too:

If you’re dreaming about who the GOP is going to impeach first as soon as your party retakes the House, then, yes, he’s talking about you. (Especially when you didn’t think anything Trump did while in office was worth impeaching him over, but Biden being a democrat pursuing democratic policies is impeachable.)

If you accept anti-government conspiracy theories that the DEEP STATE is out to get your side, then, yeah…

If you fervently believe that election fraud is rampant and happens whenever your candidate loses, you’re part of the problem, not the solution.

If you believe the correct response to alleged widespread election fraud is to go to the Capitol and attack the police defending the property and the legislators within who are doing their jobs, then, yeah, he’s talking about you.

If you have spent the last 9 years calling for Hillary Clinton to be locked up over her email scandal but make a point of explaining how what Trump did was totally not the same thing, then, yeah, he’s talking about you.

If you used “Let’s Go Brandon” paper to wrap your Christmas presents, then, yeah. You’re one of those people. (Also, if you did that, Jesus is ashamed of you, too.)

If you think lying to the FBI is a “minor process crime,” or you think espionage is a “mundane” charge (but only when it’s republicans who are the targets), then, yes, he’s talking about you.

It you routinely refer to anyone who disagrees with you as any of the following, then, yes, he’s talking about you: commies, socialists, marxists, pedophiles, groomers. (I’m sure I’ve left some out…)

If you whine about how Biden isn’t being unifying with you while you attack him, then, yeah…

If, after a natural disaster or wildfire you ever said or thought, “Those people deserved it,” then, yes, he’s talking about you. (And that includes people on the left who said that of the Sevier County, TN wildfires.)

If you claim to “back the blue” but you’re demanding we “defund the FBI,” then, yes, he’s talking about you.

If you side with Putin over our own intelligence agencies or Ukraine, then, yes, he’s talking about you.

If you demanded Snowden or Assange be put in prison for their crimes but you think Trump stealing classified documents should get a pass, because what he did was no worse than having some “overdue library books,” then, yes, he’s talking about you.

If you think the only appropriate response to any republican wrongdoing is to go hard on offense rather than admit any mistakes, then, yes, he’s talking about you.

If you liked this tweet:

…but you had no problem with Trump holding the RNC convention at the White House, then, yeah…

Oh, and for the record, Marines standing in the background during a presidential speech is pretty normal:

In short, if you’re a hypocrite who thinks the rules should only apply to one side but not the other, or if you play the “Whataboutism” game, or you call others names but whine when you get back the same, then, yes, he’s talking about you. You are undermining our republic and its institutions. You should be ashamed of yourselves. And you should spend time in serious self-reflection. But, sadly, you won’t. The people who need to hear this either won’t read this or they will, but will use this as a means to ridicule those with whom they disagree.

But here’s the thing: when the red wave you’ve been expecting to happen this November doesn’t pan out for you, please know MOST OF AMERICA doesn’t stand with you. We never did. And we’re damned tired of your bullshit and performative assholery.

You’re all dismissed.

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