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12 October Carp Tail (second version) Photo by Howard J.

I kinda forgot today was Thursday, so this will probably be brief.

Apparently, Newt Gingrich thinks the worst thing about John Fetterman is that he has tattoos… (If you’re a fan of “Bob’s Burgers,” that’s tuh-TOOS.)

While the song does mention some kind of drug abuse, that’s not really what “Hurt” is about…

Anyway, there must be a decided lack of either policy positions they could discuss or real concerns; so we’re left with hair-on-fire over-the-top warnings about how “these people verge on being sick!”

Has Newt noticed how many trumpers are covered in tattoos?

Alina Habba is… not a smart person or a good lawyer.

Who’s shocked? I’m not shocked at all:

Tucker Carlson, “the most popular TV host”* on two continents! (At least, according to Russian TV he’s the most popular TV host in America…)

Hey, Tucker! If you were trying to help Russia and harm America, mission accomplished!

Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI) goes medieval on some dudes in Congress…

Lara Trump.

Michael Flynn is cray-cray like a fox…

Sean Hannity had a couple of tweets touting his Fox show:

Does anyone remember the time Hannity devoted at least half an episode to Trump’s unhinged Independence Day speech about how America bombed the airports the British held during the Revolution?

Jim Jordan is known for his forthright honesty…

At least he included “alleged” in front of the accusation…

Do we really need an investigation into this? Trump took documents.

Also, he whines about the FBI supposedly labeling conservative parents as “domestic terrorists.” At the end, he claims he doesn’t want a partisan FBI that’s Republican or Democrat.

Why does anyone believe Trump is the anointed of God?

For people in a party that claims election fraud is a serious and very real problem, this seems… problematic.

Nick Fuentes being a dick. In other news, today is yet another day ending in “y.”

“The Iranian government, who I’m inclined to believe and trust…”

“Just wear the hijab.” Hey, remember when people on the right were willing to wear a mask during a pandemic? Just wear the damned mask and take the vaccine, dumbass.

How would white dudes enjoy being castrated? I’m just asking questions here…

Trump’s gotta get in there and never leave…

They want an authoritarian leader, as long as it’s their guy.

Okay, I’m outta here! Y’all play nice in the comments section! Don’t make me have to message Momma Tiff!

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