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There are 11 days and a handful of hours left until the mid-term elections.

President Biden’s Public Schedule for Thursday, October 27th 2022:

9:00 AM The President receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
Closed Press
11:15 AM Out-Town Pool Call Time
Joint Base Andrews Overhang
11:45 AM In-Town Pool Call Time
In-Town Pool
12:25 PM The President departs the White House en route Joint Base Andrews
South Lawn Open Press
12:45 PM The President departs Joint Base Andrews en route Syracuse, New York
Joint Base Andrews Out-of-Town Pool
1:50 PM The President arrives in Syracuse, New York
Open Press
3:30 PM The President delivers remarks on Micron’s plan to invest in CHIPS manufacturing in upstate New York, which will create good-paying jobs and help ensure the future is made in America
Open Press
5:15 PM The President departs Syracuse, New York en route New Castle, Delaware
Open Press
6:20 PM The President arrives in New Castle, Delaware
Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre will gaggle aboard Air Force One en route Syracuse, New York

The audio only press gaggle from Air Force One is scheduled for 1:15 p.m. D.C., time.

On October 4th 2022 Micron Technology announced plans to invest…

From their statement:

Micron Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: MU), one of the world’s largest semiconductor companies and the only U.S.-based manufacturer of memory, today announced plans to build the largest semiconductor fabrication facility in the history of the United States. The new megafab will increase domestic supply of leading-edge memory and create nearly 50,000 New York jobs, including approximately 9,000 high paying Micron jobs.

Micron intends to invest up to $100 billion over the next 20-plus years to construct a new megafab in Clay, New York, with the first phase investment of $20 billion planned by the end of this decade. This represents the largest private investment in New York state history. Micron’s investment in Onondaga County, New York, will complement the company’s previously announced high-volume manufacturing fab in Boise, Idaho. Micron will design, build and operate the facility in accordance with its sustainability goals. The site could eventually include four 600,000 square foot cleanrooms, for a total of 2.4 million square feet of cleanroom space – the size of approximately 40 U.S. football fields.

Micron’s New York megafab is part of its strategy to gradually increase American-made leading-edge DRAM production to 40% of the company’s global output over the next decade. Site preparation work will start in 2023, construction will begin in 2024 and production output will ramp in the latter half of the decade, gradually increasing in line with industry demand trends. Locating Micron’s industry-leading DRAM production in the U.S. brings tremendous benefits for its customers, enabling them to build their innovative products and solutions using a more resilient, secure and geographically diverse supply chain. 10/04/2022.

President Biden issued the following statement regarding the announced investment:

To those who doubted that America could dominate the industries of the future, I say this – you should never bet against the American people.  Today is another win for America, and another massive new investment in America spurred by my economic plan.  Micron, an American company, is investing $20 billion dollars this decade and up to $100 billion over twenty years in CHIPS manufacturing in upstate New York, creating tens of thousands of good paying jobs.  Together, we are building an economy from the bottom up and the middle out, where we lower costs for our families and make it right here in America.   

White 10/04/2022.

This morning Micron tweeted:

President Biden remarks are scheduled for 3:30 p.m. D.C., time.

When Halodoc posted the post for Wednesday, President Biden had tweeted 2 times. He added 6 tweets giving him a Wednesday Tweeting Total of 8 tweets and 0 retweets.

On Wednesday, President Biden announced new actions to “provide families with more breathing room.” The YouTube is 15 minutes and 49 seconds long. President Biden begins his remarks at the 2 minute and 53 second mark. His full remarks can be found here.

The four tweets below were taken in part from the remarks he gave on Wednesday.

President Biden: First, imagine this: Your child outgrows his bicycle, and you decide to sell it online, and someone pays you a check.  Pays you 30 bucks for the bicycle or something.  Days later, that check that you got paid with, that you deposited into your bank, it bounces.  You didn’t know it was bad, but you get charged 15 bucks.  You get charged 15 bucks.  It’s wrong.  It’s ridiculous.  It’s unfair.  And my administration is making clear today it’s illegal as well.

President Biden: Well, good morning.  Today, my administration is announcing new actions to lower the cost of everyday living for American families, to put more money in the pockets of middle-income and working-class Americans, to hold big corporations accountable.

President Biden: Today’s actions are going to save consumers more than $1 billion each year.  And that’s a lot of money back in people’s pockets.

President Biden: Each year — but each year, these “junk fees,” in addition, that companies charge cost Americans tens of billions of dollars, weighing down family budgets and making it harder for people to pay their bills.  So my administration is taking action to eliminate these fees.

President Biden: And, by the way, the price of gasoline continues to fall.  It’s down for the third week in a row.  They’re down $1.25 a gallon from the beginning of the summer, and gas prices in the decade before the pandemic were averaging $3.30 — before the pandemic, before I got here. During the pandemic, there was — no one was driving, so the gas prices went down.  But even with the historic recovery we’re seeing in the economy of 10 million new jobs and unemployment at 3.5 percent, gas prices are continuing to go down.

Yesterday Gas Buddy Guy Patrick De Haan tweeted:

He got into a “tweet fight” I found amusing…

Brian goes on to say it was the only station available.

On Tuesday, President Biden received his COVID-19 vaccine booster shot. Prior to his booster shot he offered remarks. The YouTube is 13 minutes and 58 seconds long. At the 11 minute and 49 second mark the process for his receiving the booster begins. His full remarks can be found here.

The tweeted out video is 33 seconds long.

President Biden: Good afternoon.  I’m here today with my COVID team, as well as leaders from some of America’s top pharmacies: Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Albertsons.  And we’re here with a simple message: Get vaccinated.  Update your vac- — your COVID vaccine. It’s incredibly effective.  But the truth is, not enough people are getting it.  We’ve got to change that so we can all have a safe and healthy holiday season.  That’s why I’m getting my shot updated today.  And I — I think we’re a little intimidating.  The nurse who’s going give it, we told her it’s on television.  But at any rate.

President Biden: And as — as a country, you know, we — we have a choice to make.  Can we repeat what happened in past winters — more infections; more hospitalizations; more loved ones getting sick, even dying from the virus — or we can have a much better winter if we use all — all of the tools we have available to us now?

President Biden has tweeted 7 times so far for Thursday. His first tweet is semi-related to a tweet from Wednesday.

Wednesday’s tweet:

Thursday’s Tweet:

Wednesday’s meeting ins and outs posted by the White House:

Prior to the bilateral meeting there was a pool spray from the Oval Office. The YouTube is 5 minutes and 17 seconds long. Their full remarks can be found here.

The meeting readout:

Today, President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. welcomed President Isaac Herzog of Israel to the White House. 

The two discussed the enduring strength of the U.S.-Israel partnership, ways to further deepen cooperation between the two countries, and the United States’ unshakeable commitment to Israel’s security. They consulted on a wide range of global and regional issues of mutual concern, including the threats posed by Iran and its proxies. The President emphasized his Administration’s pledge to ensure Iran will never acquire a nuclear weapon. 

They celebrated the forthcoming conclusion of an agreement resolving the maritime boundary dispute between Israel and Lebanon, mediated by the United States. The President praised Israel’s statecraft and courage, and noted that the agreement will set the stage for a more stable and prosperous region, and harness vital new energy resources for the world. 

President Biden underscored his commitment to advance peace and stability in the Middle East, and highlighted U.S. support for Israel’s further regional integration into the Arab world, including through the Negev Forum process. He also welcomed Israel’s restoration of an ambassador as part of improved diplomatic relations with Turkiye. Additionally, Biden condemned the persistent scourge of anti-Semitism, including anti-Israel bias in international fora. In that regard, the President reaffirmed the United States’ strong opposition to the open-ended and biased nature of the UN Commission of Inquiry established in May 2021, which continues a longstanding pattern of unfairly singling out Israel and does nothing to establish conditions for peace. 

The President emphasized the importance of taking steps to deescalate the security situation in the West Bank. President Biden underscored that a negotiated two-state solution remains the best avenue to achieve a lasting peace, and underlined the need to take continued steps to improve the lives of Palestinians, which are critical to peace, security and prosperity. They discussed the importance of promoting coexistence and weakening extremists who promote hatred and violence. 

White 10/26/2022.

Thursday, President Biden offered the following statement regarding the ending the maritime boundary dispute between Israel and Lebanon:

I am proud to congratulate Israel and Lebanon on officially concluding their agreement to resolve their long-standing maritime boundary dispute.  Today in Naqoura, Lebanon, both Parties took the final steps to bring the agreement into force and submitted the final paperwork to the United Nations in the presence of the United States.  

As I said when this historic agreement was announced, it will secure the interests of both Israel and Lebanon, and it sets the stage for a more stable and prosperous region.  The United States will continue to serve as a facilitator as the parties work to uphold their commitments and implement this agreement. Energy—particularly in the Eastern Mediterranean—should not be a cause for conflict, but a tool for cooperation, stability, security, and prosperity.  This agreement takes us one step closer to realizing a vision for a Middle East that is more secure, integrated, and prosperous, delivering benefits for all the people of the region.

White 10/27/2022.

His other 6 tweets for Thursday:

The Bureau of Economics Analysis reported on Thursday that the real gross domestic product; increased at an annual rate of 2.6 percent in the third quarter of 2022 (table 1), according to the “advance” estimate released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. In the second quarter, real GDP decreased 0.6 percent. The GDP estimate released today is based on source data that are incomplete or subject to further revision by the source agency (refer to “Source Data for the Advance Estimate” on page 3). The “second” estimate for the third quarter, based on more complete data, will be released on November 30, 2022.

They go on to say…

The increase in real GDP reflected increases in exports, consumer spending, nonresidential fixed investment, federal government spending, and state and local government spending, that were partly offset by decreases in residential fixed investment and private inventory investment. Imports, which are a subtraction in the calculation of GDP, decreased (table 2).

The increase in exports reflected increases in both goods and services. Within exports of goods, the leading contributors to the increase were industrial supplies and materials (notably petroleum and products as well as other nondurable goods), and nonautomotive capital goods. Within exports of services, the increase was led by travel and “other” business services (mainly financial services). Within consumer spending, an increase in services (led by health care and “other” services) was partly offset by a decrease in goods (led by motor vehicles and parts as well as food and beverages). Within nonresidential fixed investment, increases in equipment and intellectual property products were partly offset by a decrease in structures. The increase in federal government spending was led by defense spending. The increase in state and local government spending primarily reflected an increase in compensation of state and local government employees.

Within residential fixed investment, the leading contributors to the decrease were new single-family construction and brokers’ commissions. The decrease in private inventory investment primarily reflected a decrease in retail trade (led by “other” retailers). Within imports, a decrease in imports of goods (notably consumer goods) was partly offset by an increase in imports of services (mainly travel).

Real GDP turned up in the third quarter, increasing 2.6 percent after decreasing 0.6 percent in the second quarter. The upturn primarily reflected a smaller decrease in private inventory investment, an acceleration in nonresidential fixed investment, and an upturn in federal government spending that were partly offset by a larger decrease in residential fixed investment and a deceleration in consumer spending. Imports turned down.

Current‑dollar GDP increased 6.7 percent at an annual rate, or $414.8 billion, in the third quarter to a level of $25.66 trillion. In the second quarter, GDP increased 8.5 percent, or $508.0 billion (tables 1 and 3). 10/27/2022.

President Biden’s full statement:

For months, doomsayers have been arguing that the US economy is in a recession and Congressional Republicans have been rooting for a downturn. But today we got further evidence that our economic recovery is continuing to power forward. This is a testament to the resilience of the American people. As I have said before, it is never a good bet to bet against the American people. Our economy has created 10 million jobs, unemployment is at a 50 year low, and U.S. manufacturing is booming. Today’s data shows that in the third quarter, Americans’ incomes were up and price increases in the economy came down.   

Now, we need to make more progress on our top economic challenge: bringing down high prices for American families. Even with our historic economic recovery, gas prices are falling – down $1.26 since the summer, and down over the last three weeks. The most common price at gas stations in America today is $3.39 a gallon. That is progress, but we need to do more to bring other prices down as well. My Administration has passed laws that will bring down prescription drug prices and health insurance premiums starting next year.  We must do more.

Congressional Republicans have a very different agenda – one that would drive up inflation and add to the deficit by cutting taxes for the wealthiest Americans and large corporations. It would raise the cost of prescription drugs, health care, and energy for American families. That failed economic vision is not the way to give families more breathing room and grow our economy so working families can get ahead.

White 10/27/2022.

It’s a 7 second video gif:


His full statement:

On October 27, 2018, a quiet Shabbat morning was shattered by gunfire and hate, and a place of sanctuary became a place of carnage. Twenty-two people were worshipping at the Tree of Life Congregation that day; eleven of them would never return home to their families. Six more were wounded, including four police officers who responded to the scene, in addition to countless others forever scarred by this heinous assault.

In the four years since that terrible day, the people of Pittsburgh have shown us what it means to be stronger than hate. Welcoming the community to Torah study sessions. Showing their support for refugees and immigrants. Reimagining the Tree of Life synagogue as both sanctuary and memorial. The courage and character of the Pittsburgh community remains an inspiration to us all.

As we grieve this deadliest act of antisemitism in American history, we stand with the community of Squirrel Hill—and Jewish communities across America and around the world—in resolving to combat antisemitism and hate in all of its forms. This is especially true as we witness an ugly increase in antisemitism in America. That’s why I established the first Ambassador-level Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Antisemitism and appointed the renowned Holocaust expert Deborah Lipstadt to the role. My Administration worked with Congress to secure the largest-ever increase in funding for the security of synagogues and other religious institutions. And, at last month’s United We Stand Summit, my Administration announced a series of actions and commitments to take on hate-fueled violence. 

We are also determined to tackle the scourge of gun violence that has stolen lives from Pittsburgh to Poway, from Newtown to Charleston, from Buffalo to Uvalde, and from countless other communities in between. I’ve taken historic executive action to reduce gun violence, including by reining in the proliferation of ghost guns. This summer, the Senate confirmed the first permanent head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in more than seven years, and my Administration brought together Republicans and Democrats to pass the most significant gun safety legislation in nearly 30 years. I am committed to building on that progress by banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines—we’ve done it before, and we can do it again.

The Rabbis teach that “what comes from the heart, enters the heart.” On this difficult day, our hearts are with the families of the victims, the survivors, and all those impacted by the Tree of Life shooting. May their memories be a blessing, and may we continue to bridge the gap between the world we see and the future we seek.

White 10/27/2022.

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