(Open Thread) Snark Bites! — Doofus Awards for the Week Ending Oct 8, 2022

12 October Carp Tail (second version) Photo by Howard J.

It’s that time again, to see who’s the biggest doofus of, well, today, pretty much. And… we’re off!

In the “We only consider people with Rs after their name” category, a bunch of randos on “Truth” Social:

Yeah, guys, please don’t take any responsibility for nominating an incompetent creep and then blame others when he loses…

In the “Senile, washed-up has-been talking about things he doesn’t understand” category:

Stick to your lane, dude.

In the “Crazy Florida man, saying crazy shit” category:

The world hasn’t changed that much, Mr. Trump…

In the “Narcissistic sack of shit” category (but, to be fair, most any MAGA politician fits in this category):

You might also want to read the Daily Beast article linked in this tweet:

In the “Rat-fucker says crazy shit” category:

In the “Dissembling attorney tells lies” category (this one’s pre-snarked, for your convenience):

In the “Trump extended family member saying stupid shit” category:

If you have the stomach for it, you’ll want to click the little link and listen to her segment. It was all I could do to read the paragraph quoting her…

In the “They don’t make insurrectionists like they used to” category:

Do they sell already-cooked-oatmeal in cans these days?

In the “This is some crazy, messed-up, cult-like shit” category:

In the “I am too an alpha male!” category:

Narrator: if Nick were an actual alpha male, he wouldn’t be whining about how persecuted he and his fellow alphas are…

But he’s not done!

Thus proving my point that Nick doesn’t know the difference between an “alpha” male and an “asshole” male; because we all know the real reason he goes to Hooters, and it’s not for the beer and hockey.

In the “Lying hypocrite telling us all how much he backs the blue gets schooled” category:

In the “I’m sorry I ever supported this worthless piece of shit” category:

But he wasn’t done (I’ve also pre-snarked this one, too):

In the “McCarthy apparently doesn’t know the meaning of the word ‘leader'” category:

In the “Fear is the only reason we’re giving people to vote for the R team” category:

In the “Dammit, I need to transcribe this in case you don’t click the play button” category:

NICK FUENTES: We need to raise an army of soldiers, not an army of pussies that have the right opinions. We need to raise an army of soldiers. And if you’re meek or weak or you’re a bitch, you need to hit the bricks, ’cause it’s finished. That movement is dead. And this is my mission; this is my mission statement. I’m announcing it early. My mission for 2024 is to raise an army of at least one thousand groypers that will infiltrate Capitol Hill and the Trump administration–

Me: WUT? You’re just taking it as a given that Trump will be in the WH in 2024? Or you’re talking about once he wins (again, not a given)?

NICK FUENTES: –as staffers and bureaucrats. And it’s our job to create a (sic) entire generation, a true generation, a cadre of 50,000 people to take over the government and create a lasting MAGA institutional revolution at every level of government. That’s what we’re trying to achieve, and nothing less.

Me: That’s why we need to stop you.

NICK FUENTES: We gotta come back in ’24 with a vengeance; not care what the media says, not care what your friends and family say–

Me: I’m guessing most of the people who will answer this call don’t have to worry too much what their friends and family would say, since they probably cut ties with them long ago…

NICK FUENTES: –not care what anybody says, it’s gotta be Trump 2024, Make America Great Again, Or Else. Like, at all costs. America First at any cost. Make America Great Again At Any Cost.

Me: Couple this with Trump openly embracing QAnon, and do you see why I think this is worthy of your attention?

NICK FUENTES: It’s gotta have the suffix on there of “we will take up the cross and be willing to be crucified for what we are doing.” And our sacrifice will pave the way for a new generation, a new country.

These extremists are the tail that’s wagging the weak leadership of the GOP dog. They are in control. And this is their plan. We ignore this or downplay it at our and our nation’s peril.

Nick Fuentes isn’t just a doofus. He’s a dangerous doofus.

In the “Dammit, I thought I was finished, and then I go and read more tweets” category:

Okay, that’s it for today. See you tomorrow at noon for the film noir thread!

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