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This one may be somewhat obscure for many Americans (the presumed Night Owl audience). In the UK, most of the British Commonwealth, and many European nations, Cliff Richard, at age 82, is still a familiar celebrity. Here in the US however, many of us (including myself) would probably say, “Who?”

Harry Rodger Webb was born in British India, 1940, and grew up in London. He took the stage name Cliff Richard in order to market himself as the British Elvis or Little Richard, who were enormously popular in the States when Webb got his start in 1958. It’s said that he dominated rock and roll music in Britain in the late fifties and early sixties, until The Beatles arrived on scene. In those early years, his backing band were The Shadows, a now-legendary rock instrumental band similar to The Ventures.

He’s been quite active in the business for six decades, recording dozens of albums, hundreds of tracks, about 150 singles, and scoring a number one hit in every decade.

For whatever reason, though, Cliff Richard never really caught on in America. His first single to chart in the top 40 was a cover of It’s All in the Game, in 1963. His biggest success in the US wouldn’t come until the mid- to late-seventies, followed by a handful of modest hits.

After 1981, he pretty much disappeared from music in the States, although he now lives in New York. He was still touring and performing just a couple of years ago – impressive for an octogenarian – but I’m not sure if he still is.

This list is shorter than most Owl playlists, because it only includes songs that charted in the US, minus a couple that I made an executive decision to axe. (You’re welcome.)

Devil Woman (3:40)


We Don’t Talk Anymore (4:12)


Carrie (3:25)


Dreamin’ (3:36)


Suddenly (4:03)
(with Olivia Newton-John)


A Little in Love (3:21)


Give a Little Bit More (3:36)

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