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Before launching a solo career, Peter Frampton had already been a member of two now legendary bands: The Herd, and Humble Pie. Never heard of them? They were rockin’ the U.K., but never made it big in the U.S. Humble Pie started seeing real success in 1971 with the last album Frampton played on… right after he set out on his own. Bad timing for them. If he’d stayed, that band might have been far more successful.

From ’71 through ’75 Frampton wrote and recorded all of his greatest work, but not one managed to chart. Take the case of Do You Feel Like We Do, a 1973 studio recording which is included below. It’s got good bones, it’s solid rock and roll, but it lacks the high energy, the refinement, and most importantly it lacks the talk box of the live version that made Frampton a superstar. (The 1976 live version is also below.)

Fortunately, someone recognized that Frampton’s live performances were where the good stuff was. His first live album, Frampton Comes Alive, was recorded at several U.S. venues in June, August, and November, 1975, and released in January 1976 to immediate commercial success and perpetual airplay. Do You Feel Like We Do instantly became one of the greatest rock anthems of all time.

After the phenomenal success of Frampton Comes Alive, he only had one more memorable major hit: I’m In You, off his next studio album of the same name, and that hit was also in 1976. After that, Frampton appeared to just fade away almost overnight. Ever wonder why? He nearly died in a bad car wreck in the Bahamas in 1978. Whether as a result of the accident or not, afterwards he just wasn’t as artistically creative as he had been.

It’s a Plain Shame (3:15)

Do You Feel Like We Do (studio) (6:45)

Baby (Somethin’s Happening) (4:45)

I’ll Give You Money (4:40)

Show Me The Way (LIVE) (4:35)

Baby, I Love Your Way (LIVE) (4:42)

Do You Feel Like We Do (LIVE) (14:18)

I’m In You (4:09)

Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours) (3:49)

I Can’t Stand It No More (4:32)

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