(Open Thread) OCD Jukebox — “I Won’t Back Down”

Jukebox. Photo by liz west.

Way back on Wednesday of this week, the Kari Lake campaign threw a hissy fit about being declared the loser of her race for AZ governor in a video they posted on Instagram and elsewhere. On Friday the Petty estate sent a message to Lake stating they’re looking into taking legal action against the obnoxious republican who used the song without permission.

I won’t link to the Lake video in question out of respect and solidarity with the Petty estate.

Here’s the original:

Johnny Cash with his own cover:

Leif Shively Band with a hard rock version, dedicated to those who served:

KT Tunstall with Mike McCready and Leah Julius with a version dedicated to all those who protest:

Anna Schulze with a female acoustic cover (even though she’s using an electric guitar):

Lex Henrikson with a male acoustic cover:

Emma-Lee with a country acoustic style cover (with Tom Juhas):

Christian Porter with a one man band version:

A one woman band cover by Margot Cotten:

A country-bluegrass girl cover by The McClymonts:

Cumberland Gap with a male bluegrass version:

Punk cover by Mick Mazz:

Parody called “It Won’t Flush Down” by Allyson:

Flush me down like a finless brown trout, folks, that’s it for today!

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