(Open Thread) Snark Bites — Doofus Awards for the Week Ending Nov. 12, 2022

12 October Carp Tail (second version) Photo by Howard J.

There are–or at least should be–a lotta people with egg on their faces after this election. You know the ones I mean. We were told from pollsters, RW media, pundits, and politicians that there was going to be a red wave of epic proportions. Heck, some were even calling it a Red Tsunami, and Steve Deace went so far as to call it a “Red Wedding.” (Which means a total sweep by the Rs.)

How’d that go again? Oh, right…

Midterm House Races As They Stand Right Now

At this point, projections are that the R team takes the House at 220, but some are saying there’s an outside chance the D team holds on. It’s still unknown.

But let’s congratulate the losers for being so very wrong by throwing their own predictions in their faces, shall we?

Fox Hosts, while Sean Hannity claims nobody ever said that…

Another supercut video of Red Wave and Red Tsunami predictions, including one from Trump:

“What happened to the Red Wave, Congresswoman?” Asked by a guy who also predicted it…

Ted Cruz:

Frank Luntz, who might not have used the term “Red Wave” but was certainly predicting one:

That’s not just bad prediction, that’s like epically bad…

Lauren Boebert, as polls were opening:

Spoiler Alert: America First didn’t win much on Tuesday…

Here’s Steve Deace:

Trying to redefine the term:

Nick Adams, doubling down on stupid:

Notice that was posted LAST NIGHT. Gaslighting, much?

There was too a Red Wave, dammit!

Retaking the House wouldn’t have been that big of a deal. It’s pretty much the standard thing that happens in a midterm election during the first term of an opposition party’s administration. So, no… getting rid of Nancy as Speaker isn’t Huge.

I don’t know who Lynne Patton is (and don’t give enough of a crap to look her up), but here’s her thoughts:

A teeny majority in the House isn’t much power, hun…

According to this dude, apparently Trump engineered this Red Wave, just not the way YOU expected it to be a Red Wave:

Still trying to wrap my head around how Trump did this. Did he mind-control us? Did he use his vast mental powers to will us to check the wrong box?

I probably shouldn’t work so hard trying to make sense of crazy…

Still trying to convince himself:

Apparently, it’s not…

I couldn’t resist inserting myself into the conversation. Sorry, not sorry:

Some realized it didn’t come:

Tom Fitton blames Biden for the Red Wave not happening:

In Biden’s America, Red Wave rides YOU!

Biden also blunted the Red Wave by paying off the kids:

Okay, maybe it wasn’t Biden’s fault! Maybe it was the RINO’s fault!

Um… Brigitte, how does their desire translate into vote tabulations?

Oh, right… I’m not supposed to try to figure out crazy. Sorry, my bad…

Then again, maybe the Red Wave did happen. Sort of:

I can support it being called a red wave of criticism of Trump… Good job, WP, bringing us full circle.

But it wasn’t just “Red Wave” delusion…

Charlie Kirk, who posted this AFTER the polls were closed:

That’s confidence, right there!

Delusional Blake Masters:

Yeah, as you probably already know, they called the race for Mark Kelly last night…

Kari Lake’s campaign, still trying to spin:

Before I close this up, let me share some screen grabs from UnTruth Social:

Grade A Prime cray-cray from TOFG, in 4 images:

So join me and Nelson in pointing and laughing, won’t you?

Okay, my Blender peeps! I will see you again tomorrow at noon for the Noir Film Thread!

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