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The group initially formed in 1955 as the Five Chimes. Three of the original members, including Smokey Robinson, had been singing together since about 1951. (They weren’t even teenagers yet at that time.) Sometime before 1958, after several personnel changes, they changed their name to the Matadors. Circa 1959, the group signed with Tamla Records/Motown and became the Miracles, the first of many big acts for the label.

Around the end of 1966, the group became known as Smokey Robinson & The Miracles. This name was retained until 1972 when Robinson left the group to focus on his job as Motown vice president and to spend more time at home with his family. The Miracles went on to have a couple more hits with a new lead singer, Billy Griffin, who sounded remarkably similar to Robinson.

Robinson again changed course, embarking on a solo singing career in 1973. He eventually had a few hits on his own, extending into the eighties.


1960 #2/1
Shop Around (2:52)
The Miracles

1962 #8/1
You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me (2:51)
The Miracles

1965 #16/4
Ooo Baby Baby (2:43)
The Miracles

1965 #16/2
The Tracks of My Tears (3:00)
The Miracles

1967 #4/1
I Second That Emotion (2:44)
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles

1970 #1/1
The Tears of a Clown (3:01)
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles

1975 #1/5
Love Machine (2:59)
The Miracles (w/out Smokey Robinson)

1980 #4/4
Cruisin’ (3:13)
Smokey Robinson

1981 #2/1
Being with You (4:02)
Smokey Robinson

1987 #8/2
Just to See Her (4:02)
Smokey Robinson

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