TNB Night Owl — Snark Bites Presents The Doofus Awards for the Week Ending Nov. 18, 2022

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Well, the republicans regained control of the House on Wednesday, and, true to form, they immediately started announcing who would be the victims of their show trials over the next two years. (Spoiler Alert: the main victims will be Hunter Biden and his dad.)

So much for all the feigned concern about inflation and crime…

Not only have the republicans regained control, but, apparently, Marjorie Taylor Greene has become de facto Speaker, as she works Kevin McCarthy’s puppet strings. If Margie tells Kevin to jump, he’d better immediately ask her, “How high?”

So this installment is dedicated to all the FreeDumb Caucus fuckwits. We can probably just copy-paste this entire post every week for the next two years…

Let’s begin with Her Royal Highness, Marjorie Traitor Greene, shall we?

Jonah pretty much captures my attitude, but allow me to expand on his thoughts, you know, since I have to justify wasting your time reading my column… LOL

Not only is this stupid; it’s heartless as well.

Russians are invading Ukraine with weapons as an act of war, Margie; they’re pillaging, raping, and executing innocent Ukrainians for the crime of not being Russian. Meanwhile, people come to America to seek out a better life for themselves and their children.

If you can’t tell the difference between those two things, then you honestly shouldn’t be serving in Congress.

More from that woman…

Why are all these cuckolds sitting back letting her run the show?

Yeah, I realize I just answered my own question, thanks so much for mentioning it. 😀

On FTX and Ukraine:

Isn’t it more likely that Ukraine is a victim here, rather than a co-conspirator? But, of course, to a fucking moronic MAGA republican, it all has to be part of a vast, global conspiracy against them…

Steve Scalise:

Wouldn’t it be nice if House republicans demanded accountability of a certain orange-hued former POTUS, his kin, and all his enablers? Yeah, I know… crazy thought on my part, expecting anything like even-handedness…

They’re going to do a lot of probing, y’all:

More from this Comer guy:

Basically we’re going to probe you based on accusations from a couple of randos on the internet. Don’t we have some protection against being convicted by anonymous accusers in that dusty piece of paper the GOP doesn’t bother reading anymore?

And if you wonder where the FreeDumb Caucus gets their dumb ideas, here’s your answer–

Vincent James and Nick Fuentes:

The fringe is saying this shit more and more. And you’d better believe the FreeDumb Caucus will start parroting it soon. Oh, they might clean up the language and use a couple of euphemisms, but the intent will be the same:

Shane Vaughn:

When I hear Trump’s annoying, whiny voice, I don’t immediately think of God…

Also, why is it that crazies do these videos while they’re driving? Is this how you multi-task insanity?

Kari Lake, insisting that she’s going to get the proof she was robbed, robbed I tell ya!

Whining about losing an election should prove just as helpful for her future career as it has for Trump…

After seven long years, someone finally got a clue–

Erick Erickson:

We wouldn’t have the perception that the GOP is not serious if they ever behaved in a serious manner…

This made me horse-laugh as just another unserious thing MAGAs say:

The guy who stole boxes of classified documents is going to lead America to security, y’all. 🙄

Okay, guys. I can’t stand any more of the muck of these nimrods. I’ll see you tomorrow at noon for, well, something. Maybe I’ll do an OCD Jukebox, since it’s been a while. Let me know in the comments down below.

Until then, love y’all!

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