Coffee Talk: The First Day of 2023 Edition…

Coffee. Photo by Jonathan Thursfield.

Happy First Sunday of 2023, Blenders!

To Lady Snark; We miss you, hope to see you real soon!

Below are the things I’m looking forward to in 2023.

First, we head to my happy place; Disneyland.

Last year, Disneyland closed an area of the park called “Mickey’s Toontown,” in order to give it a much needed make-over; if only they’d give Tomorrow Land a make-over!

Anyhoo, part of the make-over happening in Toontown is the addition of a new ride; Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railroad.

Here’s a preview as Hollywood Studio’s in Florida already has that ride…

About a month ago or so my Disneyland app updated to share the news that Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway would be opening on January 27th 2023!

Our first trip of 2023 is planned for the end of January; we just can’t decide which dates…

There are some other changes coming to the Disneyland park as well. Splash Mountain will finally, allegedly, being getting it’s re-theme that’s been years in the making. Indian Jones, one of the best “thrill” rides Disneyland offers, is also getting some much needed attention. It’s also rumored that in DCA (Disney California Adventure Park) Avenger’s Campus will be at some point home to another attraction; currently Avenger’s Campus has two rides.

I’d be remiss if I did not mention DCA’s upcoming Food and Wine Festival which happens in March and continues until April 25th, 2023. I think the hubby is looking most forward to that festival!

As I mentioned in my first Night Owl in almost a year; I’ve rediscovered the library and from there I discovered hoopla the virtual library that allows me only 5 check outs a month! It reset today, but instead of rushing to borrow books; I’m gonna find box-sets!

To be fair; it’s not the only virtual library I’m allowed to use with my library card. There is also CloudLibrary and Libby (the website is called With both of those apps I’m not limited to 5 a month. However, both of those apps libraries are not as vast as hoopla’s.

In my audio book journey I also reactivated my account. Audible added a feature to their membership that has a “plus catalog”. This catalog are free downloads you can use; you don’t own the books this way so if they leave the plus catalog they also leave your “library”, but overall the new program allows for more listening hours without spending credits or dollars and cents.

Lastly, the thing I’m most looking forward too….

Doctor Who turns 60 this year.

For the 60th Anniversary, David Tennant (the Tenth Doctor), Catherine Tate (Donna Noble, the Doctor’s companion from the 4th series), and writer Russel T Davies (genius), are all coming together for 3 episodes in 2023.

It’s November 2023….

Happy New Year’s Day, everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s Eve!

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