TNB Night Owl — I’m Ba-ack!

If you’re wondering where I’ve been the past month, I’ve been ill. Hubby came down with it on Christmas Eve, and I caught it three days after. So… happy holidays!

We both spent a lot of time sleeping and feeling wiped out for the first couple of weeks. The killer cough we had hung on for about three weeks. It’s only this past week or so that I’ve felt close to normal. But in the meantime, we pretty much missed most of hubby’s vacation, what with being sick. So, yeah…

While I was dreaming about winning the billion dollar+ Mega Millions jackpot (weren’t we all?), I spent a lot of time shopping for a decaying French chateau to restore to its former glory. But then some joker in Maine won and ruined that plan…

Anyway, I’ve kept up on the news:

(How about that George Santos fellow? A more honest chap the world has never seen!)

(Governor Kari Lake had quite an inaugural ball, no?)

(We discovered that gas stoves, M&Ms, and Xbox have all become favorites of the MAGA movement…)

Okay… maybe I’m still a little delirious.

Oh, the Diamond & Silk Twitter account blocked me a day or so after the state funeral of Diamond. To say I’m heartbroken is an understatement! So when posting their (her? its?) tweets here, please include a screenshot so I can point and laugh at them(?) with you. Pretty please?

BTW, did anyone have “McCarthy and Taylor Greene become carnal friends on their 2023 bingo card?

Anyway, have a great time commenting below!

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